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3rd > November > 2010 Archive

Flash video comes to iPhone, iPad (kinda)

Steve Jobs workaround

Semi sales leap 26% from 2009

Future uncertain

Mac market share slips worldwide

Apple not infallible shocker

Nuke lab gets visual with GPU cluster

The yummy mummy of workstations

Google man slings mud at Facebooked Bing

Microsoft! They're like Google!

Shut up, Spock! How Battlestar Galactica beat Trek babble

InterviewTV science adviser talks Cylons with El Reg

CloudSleuth slaps dashboards on heavenly grids

Google performance anxiety cure

Oracle kills low-priced MySQL support

Love or money? Larry picks money...

Philips Streamium MCi900 DVD and Wi-Fi Hi-Fi

ReviewEntertaining concept

Volunteer biker gang foils Westminster CCTV car fleet

Unamused council watches cash trickle through fingers

eBay Meg bitchslapped by Governor Moonbeam

Techy execs trounced in US election: Fiorina out too

DWP CTO predicts the end of Windows

But will cling on to Office

Microsoft details small biz server release dates and prices

Three in a bed, little one said 'rollover'

Oz journo pokes PARIS

Australo-Pom paper plane space race now inevitable?

Haven for life found in Mars' Syrtis Major region

Boffins peer at Hesperian 'warm, wet spots'

Stealth Carbon 'efficiency' tax could close UK data centres

Idiot bureaucrats design scheme to export data centres and jobs offshore

Hitachi eyes Apple owners for skinny HDD

Too slow?

London Stock Exchange investigates IT 'sabotage'

'Suspicious' 2-hour outage probed

Virgin Media readies 1TB TiVo set-top for Brits

Integrated broadband for internet TV

First Windows Phone 7 handsets sell out

Orange offering £20 for customer patience

ICO U-turns on Street View

Lapdog growls

DARPA, NASA team on '100-Year Starship' project

Plan to invent Heinlein style miracle nonprofit first

BBC One HD to go live tonight

HD channel not all HD

Microsoft's IE 8 'most widely used browser', rules ASA

Blighty ad watchdog kicks out 'misleading' complaint

Wi-Fi strikes alliance with mains networking tech

There's parts of the spectrum we're not polluting yet

Toshiba AC100 Android smartbook

ReviewOh, Tosh, what went wrong?

Gigabit WLAN tech to shoulder Wireless DisplayPort

WiGig gains Vesa approval

How much is Facebook worth?

CommentWhat's on your mind? I've just realised who the mark is...

Orange intros MiFi gadget, refreshes mobile data deals

Share your mobile broadband connection

Hitachi GST going for IPO

Preparations for offering under way

Sexy Hustler honeys unlikely to corrupt Croydon yoof

Adults quite a different matter, rules ad regulator

Nominet to flog short domains

BA wannabes face auction scrap

Symbian's Utopia - and why it was an impossible dream

Andrew's mailbagCruel and unusual? No, merely misguided

BT network goes titsup up north


Testy Turkey re-blocks YouTube over naughty hotel romp clip

Make up your mind

Chinese Kindles hop firewall to freedom

Reader and Amazon servers provide nifty browsing loophole

ITC to side with Nokia against Apple

Insider claims evidence doesn't show patent infringement

Oracle 7400 storage drags down cloud storage firm

Customers: We've been down for weeks. Supplier: No you haven't.

BT shields gentle customers from Min of Sound pirate raids

Won't turn over addresses

James Bond returns to movie games screens

Secret agent is Wii Man

PARIS laid bare in intimate snaps

Our space plane mission's bumper photo album

National Rail tweaks departure board API, 'orders' coder to kill site

Developer puzzled by 'licence has always been required' claim

Apple to triple iTunes song sample length

But not for all tunes

Aircraft bombs may mean end to in-flight Wi-Fi, mobile

New detonation options

Former Phones 4U boss injured in armed break-in

Raiders bash mobile billionaire with iron bar, say cops

Marathon adds suspenders to virty server belts

Microsoft acquisition bait

Supremes poke Schwarzenegger's 'violent' game ban

Take Grimm view

Best Buy opens UK online store

And two more megastores

Facebook unveils Facebook Phone mobile hooks

Single sign-on, location APIs, e-coupons on the go

Fedora 14: haven for Ubuntu's homeless GNOMEs

ReviewA real performer. But will it love you back?

Unpatched IE bug exploited in targeted attacks

'More than a few organizations' hit

Group slams airport naked body scanners

EPICally invasive and ineffective

Zuckerberg: the iPad 'is not mobile'

Next question...bitch

Google open sources Apache server speed mod

Googlenet mystery server bits?

DDoS attacks take out Asian nation

Myanmar fades to black

SGI shrinks red ink with super sales

One day, profits

Silicon Valley wrestles self over public safety spectrum

Urgent communications throw-down

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