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ViewSonic tablet defies death by Steve Jobs

Seven inches can't satisfy Apple boss

Ruskie teacher fired for objection to Microsoft Office

Education directorate 'defies Kremlin over Linux'

Child porn victims seek multimillion-dollar payouts

One victim. One photo. $3.68 million

Dell skunkworks brews ARM server future

Cortex A9. LAMP stack. Eye of newt

Adobe closes Flash-based Flex to outsiders

Difficulty managing contribs blamed

Facebook developers exiled for selling user IDs to brokers

Data broker comes clean

Storage startup busts object location barrier

Scality's Ring cycle: One Ring to find them all

iLuv iMM747 iPad speaker dock

ReviewDesktop audio

Overland Storage reboots with product and tech drive

Loads of 'cool, exciting' products on the way

Bank slapped for beating up small biz

Regulator tells it to be reasonable

Hitachi GST SSD image sighted

Blurry image posted on website

Sophos debuts freebie antivirus scanner for Macs

UpdatedSweat trickles down fanboi foreheads

Asda prices up Elonex 7in Android tablet

Yours for £97

Strange, blobaceous 'alien pod' lifeform found in Virginian lake

Authoritative boffins: 'It's a UFO all right'

All hail Barbie Stalker Girl!

'It's moviemaking from a Barbie doll's point of view - literally!'

Gov may restrict unfair dismissal claim rights

Lord Young hopes this will boost employment figures

Prism provides Bocada's backup vision

Release 2 is faster and better

Maude put squeeze on suppliers, says Watmore

Don Francis had to 'persuade' companies who wouldn't co-operate

Panasonic bags Avatar 3D BD exclusive

You want Pandora in 3D, you buy our kit

Times celebrates disappearing readers

Total's not to be sniffed at though

iPhone to tap NFC, rumours say

More than just m-commerce, say insiders

Seagate squirts out rectal cleaning spray

Makes grab for low-hanging fruit

Google to release own-brand Chrome OS netbook

Acer, HP too

Radioactive Litvinenko poison trails now much easier to detect

Bouncing-bomb lab unveils cunning long-range Geiger counter

Big Blue boosted by big bank deal

Beats off HCL to secure Ireland deal

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

ReviewBantha poodoo?

Rocks, hard places and Congo minerals

Is your mobile phone fueling a vicious civil war?

Android kernel leaks like a colander

359 defects, 88 high risk

Apple shrinks Mac Mini price

Diminutive desktop now cheaper

Microsoft tweaks Hotmail interface to read Gmail accounts

Now, if only the damn thing would work

Spending cuts force police IT merger

Five forces to share services

Channel 4 rents videos

Govt-owned broadcaster takes on iTunes

Hitachi GST flash drives already in sample stage

Reg reader finds top-tier customer FAQ that sheds light on schedule

Canadian teen charged with school board hack

Young hacker faces trial in juvenile court

Wales loses 'dot-cum' domain to tax haven

Easy cym, easy go

Commission to revise rules on rivals' agreements

Uniform standards mean stronger competition, says EU body

Shuttle Discovery set for final liftoff tomorrow at 7:52pm

Veteran ship lifted Hubble, 246 people in 26-year career

Bye-bye Business Systems Group, hello Advanced 365

BSG rebrand complete

Oracle drops $1bn on Art Technology Group buyout

Hopes to set tills ringing online

Creative turns to tablets for big-screen PMPs

Resistive touchscreens, WTF?

Cops cuff nappy-wearing man who demanded sweets with menaces

Might've needed changing not charging

Nokia N8 smartphone

ReviewSemi-evolved Symbian?

Info Commissioner admits 'It's going to be tough'

Improving FoI compliance - with extreme prejudice

Dell to make cloud computing acquisition

Reuters says it will happen today

Force10 cranks rack and core switches to 40GbE

There's no such thing as too much bandwidth

Ofcom to TalkTalk, Tiscali: Stop over-billing

Or get fined

Competitors seek killer application for Bluetooth Low Energy

Still managing to live without a wireless barbecue?

EU taxpayer to fund Symbian

€22m pledged to embed Epoc in the cloud

iPad app access for US secret surveillance cloud system

1990s: UNIX. 2000s: Windows. 2010s: Fondle-slab

UK nuke station denies Stuxnet shutdown

No worms here, EDF insists

Computacenter veteran boss in surprise departure

New opportunities after 17 years for MD Walsh

Google seems to classify self as potentially malign

Blogspot bother evokes inadvertent homepage self-hate

OOo contributors make a dash for LibreOffice

Not enough ‘to continue working as we always did’

Fedora gets nips and tucks with 14 release

Where in the world is RHEL 6?

ZTE calls foul over senators' 'xenophobic' letter

Protectionism by any other name...

Dell gets SaaSy with Boomi buy


Google defies Turkey, reinstates Atatürk insult videos

UpdateYouTube un-ban in doubt

SAP agrees to pay Oracle $120m over 'industrial espionage'

TomorrowNow and TomorrowNow and TomorrowNow

Web 2.0 sites rated on FireSheep sidejacking risk

Who's wearing the dunce cap?

Twitter slips ads into user tweet streams

What a Hoot

Hackers tap SCADA vuln search engine

'Shodan' pinpoints shoddy industrial controls

Airport screeners go for the groin

Security theater pat-down cock-up

Google's $8.5 million Buzz settlement a go

Gmailers told they get nada

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