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29th > October > 2010 Archive

Google Nexus Two 'lands November 8'

The name that refused to die

Microsoft's Azure cloud plan favors Java

PDC 2010From killer to fluffer

VMware's vSphere cleared for military spook servers

ESX Server 4.0 reporting for duty, sir!

Microsoft holds Androids hostage in open source wars

Open...and ShutRedmond threat level: bright orange

IBM bags £15m borders deal

Semaphore stopgap

Yes! It's Halloween Hardware

Product Round-upGhoulishly hued kit to geek up the spooky season

Israel to join list of 'adequate' data protection nations

EU personal company data can be transferred freely by end of year

Undead Bredolab zombie network lashes out from the grave

Someone's still pulling the strings

Multi-network iPhone SIM rumours at Apple

Fondle-slab to become naughty slut who'll go with anyone?

EFF calls for repeal of Data Retention Directive

Retaining logs of network use is 'disproportionate and unpopular'

PARIS nursing mother of all hangovers

Jubilant team celebrates space plane triumph

Highest point on the Moon found: Higher than Mount Everest

NASA probe-sat zeroes in on meteor lava eminence

The Student Cluster Competition: an insider's view

SC10Amping it up

BOFH: Join the club

Episode 14I like big bots and I cannot lie

Adobe combats Apple with 'mobile first mindset'

Comeback for Grandmaster Flash? plans net censor service

[Subhead unavailable]

Sysadmin stole co-worker IDs for Amazon survey splurge

Scammer to the slammer

Mobile devices hit Trevor's spot

Sysadmin blogA 10in form factor is just right

Windows 7 fans hold hands out for Halloween service pack fun

SP1 RC a trick or treat? How much time you got?

Emulex encrypts data before it gets into the array

If you need to ask what kind, you aren't allowed to know

Saw II: Flesh & Blood

ReviewCut to the chase

Daily Mail rails at Street View in women's refuge wrongness

Campaign against benefit-scrounging single mums to follow

SAP legal u-turn delivers new HP boss for Monday start

Oracle calls for delay in trade secret hearing

Caringo administers dose of CAStor oil

Constipated file systems need grunt and strain no more

Alien Earthlike worlds 'like grains of sand', say 'wobble' boffins

Five year NASA skyscan reveals planet cornucopia

ViewSonic rolls out 3D HD camcorder

Shoot on a budget

B+F: EMC bloggers clash with analyst

Angry online battle of storage boffins ensues

Will the cloud mean joblessness for you?

Cut the hype and keep it real

Avere screeches straight through VDI storms

Striping and replicating across front end accelerators with pedal to the metal

Frenchman cuffed for naughty lip-slip email to MEP

Gendarmes don't find fellatio funny

Mozilla brews Firefox add-on for audio-video recording

Multimedia for the web built on the web

US to fork $5bn+ into exascale supers

Get with it, Europe

Microsoft nails Silverlight's future to Windows Phones

PDC 2010From three screens to one

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