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27th > October > 2010 Archive

Amazon customer purchases protected by US Constitution

Tax collector's land grab struck down

Yahoo! unfurls revamped Yahoo! mail beta

More! than! two! times! faster! says! Yahoo!

iPhones, MacBooks sicken Chinese women

Apple: 'What Chinese factories?'

Ten... bedside iPod docks

Product Round-upWakey, wakey!

North Lincs pilots victimisation index

System will pinpoint those most likely to be targets of antisocial attacks

New pocket-sized smartbomb - just for killer robots

Thermos-sized weapon ideal for CIA assassin droids

BA slams stupid security checks

Enough already with the security theatre

Ellison accuses HP boss of espionage

Promises to reveal all in Monday's court case

US Army trials robot 'leccy-n-bandwidth war-mules

Big Red One needs batteries and bits, not beans and bullets

Bredolab botnet suspect cuffed in Armenia

Maybe zombie master

Virgin Media begins 100Mb upgrades

Getting faster very slowly

Satyam boss ordered back to jail

Billion pound fraud heads to court

Virgin America heads to the cloud with Google

Online apps are us

Everything Everywhere rushes into third quarter

Seems like only yesterday it was only Q2

Bus spotter admits £11k database fees fraud

The wheels of justice go round and round...

Symbian angst downgrades Nokia

Ratings agency gives Finnish mobile maker thumbs down on 'outlook'

Sage Pay upgrade woes hit merchants

Computer says no

Privacy watchdog needs someone to explain technology

Help give this puppy some teeth

Wyse words mate

Sysadmin blogNot having to think is grand

Privacy watchdog lowers White House's grades

Gives Obama a D on report card and tells Europe to sort out US data sharing

White iPhone 4 delayed again

Elusive albino hibernates 'til spring

Bling brings Facebook likes into meatspace

FourSquare gets sticky interactivity too

Prosecutors prep decision on BT-Phorm case

Day of reckoning approaches for criminal probe

PARIS launch tomorrow come hell or high water

Both likely, knowing our luck

Sony UK fuels Christmas cheer with VAT back promo

Beat the VAT rise

Credit cards get colour screens

Red screen of debt

Pillar refresh alert as R5 hits the streets

Pillar talk: 'Think VMotion' says head tech officer

Online badness: The kids are not alright

Parents are ignorants

NetApp, Fujitsu and Quantum in product-swapping orgy

OpinionEMC aftershocks tip storage players into each others' beds

A Sparc of hope for Symbian

Fujitsu has been here before

Hacker almost derailed Mandela election in South Africa

Right-wing key-puncher tried to hang on to apartheid, says new book

Sage Pay says sorry for upgrade shambles

Sorry for 'teething problems'

Nearly half of top UK firms do not use software escrow

Source code could evaporate if vendors go up in smoke

Intel announces globo-dominance 'Cloud 2015' plan

$50bn of CIOs, major vendors already signed up

Pizza Express gets iPod makeover

Noise testing booth

Oracle back in the Unix game with Sparc T3 servers

More than twice the bang for the buck

Lender objects to $13m sale

Creditor accuses owner of grabbing cash for insiders

RIM goes Bold with the 9780

BlackBerry 6 juices refresh

Wikileaks Iraq War Logs vanish from Amazon US

Whistle-blower still on American registrar, DNS

Credit card 'flash attack' steals up to $500,000 a month

Exploits major fraud-detection weakness

HTML5 web video flashes past Flash

In your pocket, not on your desk

Mozilla delays Firefox 4 until 'early 2011'

'Feature complete' beta 7 on ice

Notorious Koobface worm ported to Mac OS X

Lame, but still worth watching

Microsoft vision chief sees world without Microsoft PCs

CommentOzzie's change-or-die message

Intel plays Switzerland in the cloud wars

CommentWho will bear the ARM 'standard'?

Ellison roasts HP chairman for 'absurd lie'

Drop 'invent' for 'steal,' Larry tells partner

Palin email hacker asks judge for leniency

'Youth and emotional condition' cited

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