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26th > October > 2010 Archive

Adobe enlists tablet and cake makers to rally Flash

Adobe MAXApple claims of Flash death greatly exaggerated

Intel stretches hypervisor across Xeon 5600, Freescale

Multi-core ARM chip support due next year

iOS bug unlocks iPhones sans password

Making calls from locked iPhone 4s

EU to lift flight ban on carry-on liquids

Duty Free shop owners rejoice

Firefox engine speeds past Chrome after Jager shot

Mozilla claims (a) SunSpider crown

Judge tosses lawsuit from copyright troll

Only 156 more to go

Ms. Gates: 'Bill does not use a Mac'

Zune child abuse continues

Motorola Backflip Android smartphone

ReviewTwisted thinking?

House and Heroes tip up on Virgin on Demand

More shows when you want

Oracle's billboard bonker gets new job

Infor a penny, etc

Ofcom caught between picts and luvvies on 600MHz

3D TV, mobile broadband or give it to Scotland?

Twittering MP escapes with caution


DARPA fashions miracle robotic attachment from balloon, coffee

Sucking makes rubber-clad appendage go hard

Dutch police behead Bredolab botnet

Server slaughter

Amazon gives away freebie baby virty data centres

Retailing giant hopes to turn newbie moochers into paying customers

Digg slices and dices staff

Cost-cutting ahead

KPMG to be probed over BAE accountancy

Auditor-auditors prep microscope, eye corporate ass

ARM still raking it in, and not just in phones

1.5bn devices to taunt Intel with

Wi-Fi starts getting chummy with its peers

Sinks teeth into Bluetooth market

US builds net privacy brains trust

Your right to privacy vs spooks' right to snoop

Great Scot! Wi-Fi on the Glasgow Subway

Metro networking

HDS adds ROBO on-ramp to content platform

Multi-tenants can sub-let now too

NetApp and Fujitsu set up one-stop-shop after dedupe deal

Partners say they're a 'one-stop shop' - but only in EMEA

iPhoto 11 ate my library, say users

Upgrade glitch worries prompt fanboi rush to backup and rebuild

Equality Act causes logistics nightmare

OpinionPublic bodies scramble to meet demands of new legislation

Samsung Omnia 7

ReviewBig display for Redmond's redial

Schmidt: I 'misspoke' over Street View

Gaffe-prone search kingpin puts Opel in reverse

Botnet-harbouring survey fails to accounts for sinkholes

UpdatedLet the right one in

eBay opens Instant Sale for lazy gadget sellers

Gets jiggy with used traders

BBC Trust: Unsupportable opinions are OK

Mandybill bias was just an opinion, says broadcaster

Expedia and friends team up to stop Google's travel play

ITA buy would be anti-competitive

UK border police seize £500k from Nigerians' hand luggage

Be careful when opening the overhead lockers...

Tesco's iPhone app gets barcode reader

Bip. Bip. Neeep. Bip.

Coalition tears up net snoop plan's £2bn price tag

Sky's the limit?

Android Market shows hand at 100k Apps

But how many does a girl need?

Sage Pay upgrade glitch forced poor password picks

Odd spacial character snafu causes confusion

Trucker jailed for deadly motorway gamble

Played Facebook poker on laptop

Unisys hit by mainframe, services declines in Q3

Apple deal misunderstood and overblown

Misfiring Kaspersky update reduces servers to a crawl

Windows server security users in 2-day restart loop

Sony drops PSPgo price pants

Clear the deck for Christmas

Top 10 Kindle books outsell dead-tree versions 2-1

Amazon's most popular books slurped up by e-readers

Apps fuel mobile games sales bonanza

Oh Appy days

Sony soars, sinks, soars on Apple buyout rumor

The power of wishful thinking

Google illegally divulges user searches, suit claims

HTTP referrer headers: SEO's best friend

Cray notches another XE6 super sale

Multi-petaflops Cascade in the bag

Big Blue's Big Sam gets $10bn for bonus stock boost

CommentIBM wastes cash, sidelines innovation

Google streaming search in 'Instant revenue boost'

Dollars grow 2% in two weeks, says study

Hackers plant Firefox 0day on Nobel Peace Prize website

Mozilla confirms 'critical vuln' in the wild

Super Micro cranks server sales

Mobo biz climbs again

WebAndroidiPhone kit plugs into PayPal

Titanium woos web devs with mobile $$$$

Microsoft's Office ribbon hits Mac fans

The ties that bind

LimeWire (finally) dies under judge's gavel

P2Pware downloadable no more

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