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22nd > October > 2010 Archive

Google slips $3.1bn through 'Double Irish' tax loophole

Top o' the Bermuda mornin'

Citrix puffs profits 64% with cloudy wares

There's a XenApp for that

Microsoft cuts loose Iron languages

Community coders pump life raft

One-third of iPad fanbois don't download apps

UpdatedNot that it matters a whit

TVonics DTR-HD500 Freeview HD DVR

ReviewDesigner digital video recording

Nokia locks* out Symbian staffers

ExclusiveEarly baths ahead of job cuts

Socitm: IT crucial in coping with cuts

Shock suggestion that IT managers should drive reforms

S African rhino rustlers tackled using satellite horn implants

Lojacker parkies resist Chinese jig-jig peddlers

Cinema iPhone pirate escapes jail in test case appeal

'Looks bad for us, but it's not', say pirate-botherers

Hands on with the new Apple MacBook Air

PreviewNetbook plus?

InPhase holo-storage firm in deathmarch tug o' war

Investors tussle over fire-sale plans

HP whips out iPad challenger Windows 7 fondle-slab

Stylus means only strong wrists can handle this tool

Intrepid Vulture 1 spaceplane pilot arrives at PARIS project

Short 'naut is not short of the Right Stuff

Nokia ends cruel and unusual 'Symbian programming' practices

There's blood on the roadmap ...

NHS: Big tech might be OK for patient power

'No decision about me, without me'. Unless I'm unhinged

Facebook to encrypt user IDs to block 'inadvertent sharing'

Nobody pimps our bitches but us

Fallout: New Vegas

ReviewHas the King left the building?

Facebook, chums splash cash at social network wannabes

Jump onto my Web-2.0 love train ... bitch

Just Mobile AluPen metal iPad stylus

Txt TakeTap and type - even when you're gloved up for winter

Chinese regime opens Google Earth rival

Do be evil, if necessary

Mobe operators foresee SIM-based contactless payment

World obstinately fails to revolve around them, though

Microsoft sings Happy Birthday to Windows 7

CommentDodgy Uncle Vista isn't coming. And Uncle XP is too busy

Android con offers ex-Nokia staff discount

Symbian urchins patted on head

Our Moon is wet and welcoming, says excited NASA

Crater bottom pole-plunge probe's moist bonanza

Seagate-Steve trash for Apple-Steve flash pash

In the cloud or the machine, there'll still be platters

US and UK gov cyber defences = big boys' trough-slurp

Firewall Obi-Wan says small firms will be locked out

UK IT projects must pull up socks, says hefty maven

Public sector is 'swirling mass of unprioritised initiatives'

Three punts big-screen HTC Android phone

Desire HD, anyone?

QLogic CFO Biddiscombe moves up to CEO

Should prepare neck towel for chairman's breath, though

Tesco touts Samsung Android tablet

Galaxy Tab worth 1058 Clubcard points, don't you know

Femtocells outnumber proper mobe towers in US

Chumps rush to give operators free backhaul

Vulture 1 spaceplane launch countdown on hold

PARIS team struggle with weather, recalcitrant donkeys

Drug-addled scooter twock teen hit with bizarre crypto ban

Wiggy judge partly overruled: Facebook, IM OK'd

Obama consults Steve Jobs on making America great again

CommentAnd why not...

Apple to sell 420,000 11.6in MacBook Airs this quarter

Analyst weighs up the new portable

Brussels smackdown for Spanish media'n'kit copy levy

Underlying notion fine, but collectors went hog-wild

Is Steve Ballmer (finally) kicking ass at Microsoft?

Radio RegOzzie, Elop, Bach - jump or push time

Apple bolts chastity belt on super svelte MacBook Air

PhotosBut let's go in anyway

Symbian Foundation faces closure

Confirms future under review

How to stop Apple and Google's great web lockdown

Open...and ShutHTML5 plus JavaScript, the new open source

Gosling blows lid off Jobs Java nonsense

Java daddy deprecates Apple cult leader

Google: Street View cars grabbed emails, urls, passwords

'Mortified' in Mountain View

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