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20th > October > 2010 Archive

Juniper boasts billion buck quarter

And now for the $4bn year...

Court strikes down Facebook probation

Social network ban violates First Amendment

£1bn in govt IT projects on slash list

Maude says 300 projects were reviewed and govt was 'fair'

Mozilla preempts Google with 'open' web app store prototype

Open to everything (except native code)

11.6in sub-notebooks

Product Round-upMini-laptops for the weight-averse

Arkeia smashes through the blocks

'Progressive' dedupe technology makes 'faster' mousetrap

So what now for Symbian?

Foundation Chieftain steps down

Boxee box to come to Blighty

D-Link outs delivery date

Retailers expect Dell WinPho 7 smartphone early next month

Venue Pro priced up

List-makers battle to keep football fixture lists protection

Appeal will challenge copyright protection for the lists

Google Android 3.0 on track for New Year tablet launches

iPad Xmas

Firefox update plugs 9 security flaws

Patch roll-up

Asus dual-core netbooks out this week

Eee PCs equipped with dual-core Atoms arrive

Local Spanish press embrace PARIS

Big hug for mad English bloke and his space plane

OpenSFS to fund Lustre HPC file system development

If anyone forks the code, it will be Oracle

BT quietly recalls shocky adapters

Comtrend even quieter

Dixons risks future of humanity with Star Wars-themed ads

C-3PO and R2D2 campaign will be beamed to hungry aliens

Apple leaks 'Back to Mac' goodies

New iLife, MacBook Air pop up in firm's forums

Virtual products rake in more cash than ads

In-app gear now worth more than advertising for social media

Google pumps existing drag-and-drop tech into Docs

What's in a 365 number, anyway?

Hackers subvert Firefox security warnings to sling scareware

Double bluff updates stuff scammers pockets

TomTom adds Star Wars voices to iPhone app

'Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating the M25 contraflow system is approximately 3,720 to 1'

It should be VICE and not VCE

Eggs or bacon

Nokia slips secret chip into C7

Finnish engineers won't say what the NFC chip is for

Hand over illegal porn at the border, please

Aussie officials want illicit smut importers to turn themselves in

Cameron cocks up UK's defences - and betrays Afghan troops

CommentCuts vital helicopters, fails to grip MoD. Abysmal

Google releases stable version of Chrome 7

But users still grumble about lack of print preview function

Osborne details painful cuts for UK

Gideon publishes his Bible

Scientists dodge Osborne's axe

Diamond Light Source not cut

Is there a Blue Cheetah in your future?

WebcastParallel universe of code

SMEs, tech vendors scrabble for morsels of comfort in CSR

Marketeers distribute hope in a can

International Telecom Union drags self out of past

ITUKicking, screaming, and mistaking IPs for spam

BBC licence fee on ice for 6 years

Trebles all round at the Trust - it could have been worse sells for $13m

You don't get many of them to the pound, eh

Green light for spooks' net snoop plan

Imagine our surprise

Windows Phone 7 arrives in UK shops tomorrow

Beat the... er... rush

O2 to offer Samsung Galaxy Tab

But keeping mum on pricing for now

Gov depts to cut back office, IT spending

£6bn saving aim

Google ends all Street View Wi-Fi data collection

'Who needs the cars? We'll use handsets'

Apple rolls out two new MacBook Air models

13.3-incher joined by 11.6-inch 'younger brother'

Facebook games maker sued in privacy flap

Zynga allegedly sent IDs for 218 million users

Jobs' Lion to marry Mac OS X and iOS

UpdatedReach out and multi-touch your Mac

IBM kills off Irish server works

190 more jobs go to Asia

eBay's non-Skype profits climb 16%

Our pal, PayPal

Red Hat exec proposes end to IT suckage

Interop'We don't need Ray Ozzie'

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