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19th > October > 2010 Archive

Jobs savages 7-inch tablet competition

That iPad mini? Fuggedaboutit

VMware revenues up 46%

But biz will cool in 2011

Jobs dubs Google's 'open' Android speak 'disingenuous'

'Smokescreen' for 'fragmented' OS

Dane-Elec myDitto Nas device

ReviewLAN - and WAN - storage done right

Employers get Equality Act info from mega-thick codes

Three Codes of Practice published to guide businesses on the Act

Seagate thinks about going private (again)

Once is not enough

ZeRTO, a storage start-up

Developing a zero RTO product

Q: Why pay for DNS?

Sysadmin blogA: It's cheaper than having your data nicked

Lone Android dev 'almost brought down T-Mobile'

See? Do you see how dangerous net neutrality is?

IBM Java defection leaves Apache sourcers shellshocked

Staunch supporter no more

WD thrusts forth its mighty 3TB internal hardness

New monster too big for Windows XP to take

EMC plays the name game

Technology company trademarks VNX to match Symmetrix lines

Seagate's shrinks GoFlex drive

Slips 5th generation PMR drive inside the casing

UK cybercops cuff big phish

Man suspected of credit card scam and stashing online crime cash

Oracle array users skid off 7410 road map

EOL procedure leaves array users boxed in

Street View spies a €2.4m fine

Spanish Data Protection Agency thinks Google would look nice in a lawsuit

Ofcom will not probe YouView... for now

Too early to judge unlaunched platform's impact, says watchdog

Ofcom blesses YouView

It's still an empty Canvas, though

Rooney exits Man U with a few choice words

'Later, w*nkers', according to Fox Sports

Alternative iPhone 4 nears end of test phase, claims insider

iPhone 5 some way behind CMDA-compatible model

Sat-phone operator TerreStar's tits swinging skyward?

Good thing LightSquared only has a toe on the rug

Google slaps down China resellers in 'very important market'

When piece of action comes at a price

Keep your PC clean - or we'll shut you down

AnalysisUK and US users reject Oz supernanny model

Top cyber crime cop lied under oath, says judge

ExclusiveScotland Yard skulduggery

Adobe preps sandboxing tech to fight exploits

Play safe

Apple wipes smile off FaceTime in the Middle East

iOS upgrade disables vid calls

7Digital takes on iTunes

App'y talk

YouTube clasps naked dancer to bosom

Nude video clips are okay - as long as they're 'art'

Medal of Honour

ReviewWorth a shot?

Unisys lights up Xeon-based mainframes

Secure partitions and integrated specialty engines

Azul starts peddling Zing virty Java stack

Superlasticjavaplastic runtime

Was Ozzie's head in the clouds as rivals stole his role?

Ray out redeployed - MS execs go pale

HP unwraps Palm Pre 2

New WebOS, 1GHz CPU, not much else

Iran: 'Nuke spies nabbed, but not for Stuxnet'

Not infected USB-wielding infidels, then?

ScaleMP: Still making big ones out of small ones

Disaggregation - reducing aggravation?

Small firms split on social media

No one knows what LinkedIn is for, do they?

EMC boosts revenues 20% in Q3

Storage slugger reports kick-ass results

Cameron: Carriers tomorrow, bombers today

Huge victory for slug-balancers

Vatican confirms Simpsons as Catholics

The Father, Son, and Crusty Clown

Microsoft gets in a spin, announces Office 365

Like a washing machine, but in the cloud - or something

Why songwriters couldn't join the Choruss

Legal P2P failed because it was too vague - and risky

Google's Street View broke Canadian privacy laws

Password-slurping operation was work of one (creative) engineer's code

Apple hit by iPad sales guessing game

CommentObsession with totals misses broader picture, the point

Call of Duty: Black Ops may leak online after disk theft

Xbox copies swiped, apparently

Compromise turns Kaspersky site into malware hub

Hackers exploit buggy app

Symbian chief withdraws from iPhone and Android fight

'Personal reasons' cited

Java surpasses Adobe kit as most attacked software

Researcher sees 'unprecedented wave of Java exploitation'

Intel waves Old Glory with wafer baker plans

Ponying up $8bn for 'unimagined innovation'

Oldsters beat twentysomethings at social networking

Twelve-month surge

Two Russians convicted as money mules

Face 20 years in the clink

Google Android chief smacks Steve Jobs with Linux speak

mkdir meaningless argument

196 nations open three week (!) telecoms congress

ITUQuadrennial quagmire or efficient conclave?

Yahoo! boss blames revenue dip on better Bing

'Microsoft is so good, it ate our money'

RIM boss joins queue to kick Jobs

Ballsy Balsille blasts Apple 'distortion field'

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