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15th > October > 2010 Archive

Opteron 6100 server ramp underway, says AMD

Q4 pick up for 4100s?

Samsung HW-C450 2.1 soundbar

ReviewSonic boon?

Staffs cops place ANPR alley on M6

Staffordshire police sprinkle high-tech cameras on 40 mile stretch

Tranny co Arqiva reshuffles deck

250 jobs to go in reorg

Amazon Kindle biz boosted by... Apple iPad

Tablet users turn to retailer for more, cheaper books

French taxpayer to subsidise music buyers

Is this a hand-up, or a handout?

Great white sharks menace Blighty

Jaws bored with lean Oz surfer steaks, wants a bit of cornish pasty

Spending Review? Why not axe the Information Commissioner?

Let's merge four info bodies into one super-regulator

Seagate shenanigans hide cunning plans

Privacy rules again, okay!

O2 hits button on location-based ads

Coffee'n'shampoo straight to your phone. Kinda

Yahoo! hit! by! hour-long! downtime! blues!

Purple portal lost will to live amid takeover gossip

Climate change apocalypse NOW

AnalysisOfcom says advertising is OK, long as it's 'practical'

PARIS radio chap slips into safe sex outfit

Attempts to avoid sequin dress

Don't stone the DNS heretics

Sysadmin blogThey only said that Anycast was good enough for Jehovah

BT blasts hundreds of would-be customers' data into Infinity

Race to Stupidity

Security firms shrug shoulders over GCHQ cyberattack warning

Spy chief may have over-hyped threats

Vodafone moves 360 goalposts

Operator locks customers into software by changing T&Cs

BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot

Episode 13Spray you, spray me

Genuine white iPhone 4 spied in wild

Helps to have a mate working for Apple

Firefox 4 beta 7 hits 'spectacular list of crashes' roadblock

Release pushed back to end of October

Spanish fascist decries Franco Eurovision slur

FoTW'F*ck you, stupid piece of red crap'- the flame in Spain...

Skype dials up deal with Facebook

Plugs self into über Web2.0 wasteland

Dead baby taunting troll feels wrath of law

OpinionTrolls, beware: the moderatrix has teeth

Fight cyberwar with cold war doctrines, says former DHS chief

'100 countries have cyber-attack capabilities'

Man wins $650k for stripper shoe eye snafu

Lapdance face-poke horror provoked by phantom fondler

Trial and error: online comments court attention

Att Gen hints at review of responsibilty for online prejudicial comments

ZeuS baddies copy Conficker tactics

Malware phone-home ploy gets recycled

MoD braced for painful weight-loss surgery next week

AnalysisBuzz suggests it'll be liposuction, not amputation

Fifa 11 vs Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

ReviewIt's all kicking off

BT dodges axe

Firm keen to reassure investors on bottom line

Microsoft's fear of an OpenOffice

Open...and ShutWhen 94 per cent ain't good enough

Samsung pushes Galaxy S users a fix of Froyo

Android 2.2 update here

Police turn to extreme-sport mobe sucking

Like getting water out of a phone

Samsung's 3-bit MLC NAND

Short-lived 64Gbit first

Iomega preps external SSDs

USB 3.0 on board

Futuristic Judge Dredd smartguns issued to 101st Airborne

Also: Target-seeking sniper bullets move to Phase II

Ballmer woos students, ogles Google's search & ad model

Steve ponders hits, misses and nothing inbetween

Angry Birds addicts crash GetJar site

12MB of pig-squashing action clogs servers

Ingres and Xeround target MySQL waverers

Take that, Larry

Google chucks $757m at data center empire

60% surge in secret hardware cash

Lexmark adds Twitter to printer

Another productivity reduction opportunity

Anonymous plants pirate flag on MPAA website

UpdatedEat my DNS, etc

Pirate Bay appeal ends, verdict to follow late next month

'Usual Friday. Possibly a little romance'

Opera Mobile for Android: it's no Fatfox

Chunky Mozilla browser shamed

HDS kicks Hitachi-partner HP in the array

No HP added value in P9500 claim

Espionage app updated for Windows phones

Next destination: Android

iPad to lead netbook and Kindle market munch

Popping tablets in 2011

iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid: purveyors of pestilence

Your smartphone wants you dead

Google rolls out phishing URL alerts for admins

Available in XML

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