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7th > October > 2010 Archive

Ubuntu's iTunes jumps to Windows and Android

UpdatediPhone player planned

Google TV mimics Android's closed openness

The user comes first. If you ignore the $300 price tag

Depts declare dumped IT deals

MoD confirms £4.8m project cancelled

Panasonic TY-CC10W Skype camera

ReviewVideo conferencing for couch potatoes

No takers on digital Olympic radio station

Applicants didn't even understand Ofcom's offer

Kingston ships 32GB smartphone memory card

Stacks more storage

Spanish netizens pursue urinating traffic cop

Viral snap exposes rozzer's truncheon

Ubuntu Server 10.10 rides distributed file systems

Maverick Meerkat spied in the clouds

CommVault proffers ninth Simpana generation

Avamar-like dedupe added

Apple pays off pension fund

And promises to behave better in future

Bitstream BOLTs multimedia onto feature phones

More streaming media than an iPad! Cor blimey! etc

Boffins build acme e-paper screen

Electrofluidic panel cheap, clean, colour and video capable

Extreme makeover: HP storage edition

OpinionDonatelli says 3PAR will help HP kick storage ass

TalkTalk reveals faster broadband plans

Dunstone checks in

Betfair names its price

Shares on offer tagged at over £1bn

Have hordes of sex workers snubbed the Commonwealth games?

They never turn up when you're expecting them

Spanish entertainment industry feels wrath of Anonymous

Copyright holder floored by DDoS flood

Brits not buying into Freeview HD

85% of HD TVs bought this summer can't tune into the service

Many Microsoft workers big on company not Ballmer

50% of staff surveyed unimpressed with boss

Nintendo outs bright red Mario birthday Wii

25 years of Peach pursuit celebrated

Asus Eee PC 1215N 12in netbook

ReviewDual-core and - oh yes - Nvidia Ion 2

FCC tests, okays Palm 'Pre 2'

P102 not an iPhone clone after all?

Shiny new top-end storage for IBM

No fat drives for DS8800

eBay Meg still chasing California's top job

Will largest ever campaign spending be enough?

Bulgarians bag German pair for pinching panzer

Taking and driving away - very slowly

Verizon to get iPhone 4-and-a-bit early 2011

New design iPhone 5 coming too, say moles

Microsoft lovingly open sources .NET package manager

NuPack lands, courtesy of MS-funded OuterCurve

Libya applies secret sharia to block sexy URL shortener

Domain registry says bare arms and beer bottles are illegal

POD giveth: Is factory-built HPC the future?

Mini data-centers getting big love

Provincial outrage over BT's broadband upgrade race

Misfired email puts London in pole position

QPad 5K gaming mouse

Txt TakeProduct reviews in 140 characters

Symantec boss puzzles over McAfee Intel deal

'Our scenarios didn't even put Intel in top 5 possible buyer category'

HTC launches Ovi-ogling cloud service

Reach out and wipe someone

Microsoft clamours over cloudy milk monitor buyout

Scoops up AVIcode and tells world+dog about it

T-Bone Burnett: Musos, stay off the net!

A plea to return to analog recording

Distressed cock whipped out of wheelie bin

Agitated bird rescued just before binmen came

Yahoo! search! accordion! prods! you! to! squeeze! box!

Have you ever been experienced?

EMC snuggles Samsung NAND into flash drives

STEC's companion

Corrupt Akamai worker charged after secrets sting

The 'spy' who didn't have a clue

IBM tweaks rack and blade servers

GPU blade still MIA, HPC clusters revved

Tesla says 40% of its Roadsters may catch fire

Only a little unimportant fire, though

Apple to sell 45m iPads in 2011?

After 16m in 2010, says component supplier

IBM's mid-range storage blast

Storwize. But without compression

Verizon to blanket US with 4G LTE this year

AT&T: 'Big effing deal'

Google eyes search result preview window

Check out but never leave

MySQL veteran drifts clear of Oracle Borg

Oracle brain drainage

Spam blacklist snafu prompts global gnashing of teeth

Legit IPs blocked in SORBS cockup

Microsoft and Adobe talk acquisition and Apple

Wall St swoons

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