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6th > October > 2010 Archive

Google spits back at Oracle's Android suit

Your honor, we're more open

Man ordered to pay Facebook $1bn

Attack of the penis-enlargment ads

IBM floats Notes for Microsoft Exchange wobblers

License bait

Computacenter wins bus contract

£14m for desktops

HP ramps up containerized data centers

Punching holes in the factory wall

ScaleMP, IBM bond to fluff x64 systems

How come the li'l one is yet to be et?

Amazon Kindle 3 e-book reader

ReviewMobile library downsized and overhauled

Cryptome vows to pursue those who breached site

'We will burn the hacker's ass for that'

DiData buys Kiwi dealer

Reseller snaps up Axon without revealing price tag

Youth jailed for not handing over encryption password

Second ever sentence for RIPA offence

Samsung hails Galaxy Tab charity donation plan

Spend £600, we'll give a tenner

Penis pill spam shrinks

Spamit! Affiliate shuts up shop

Official exposes govt IT overlaps

Central govt's suspension of IT projects shows identical projects underway

Google sticks goggles on the iPhone

Fanboys get to squint at product logos too

Next Palm smartphone out early 2011, says HP

WebOS 2.0 on board?

Voice-routing call fingerprint system fights 'vishing'

'Actually, I don't think my bank has a Lagos call centre'

3PAR CEO to run HP StorageWorks

Roadmap changes afoot?

Apple TV costs 40 quid to make

Profit-tastic, apparently

Apple censors shut down BitTorrent app client

Developer slipped by iTunes app storekeepers by not mentioning the protocol

Yahoo! pulls! on! Dapper! suit! to! chase! Google! display! ad! tail!

Bartz knots purple bow tie

Little Chef in 'I ♥ Charlie' t-shirt outrage

Coke-crazed students snap up Bolivian marching apparel

PARIS unveils impressive box

Main payload container ready for lift-off

McCanns join CEOP quango row

Home Office stands firm

Samsung shows Wave II smartphone

Updated Bada on board

The Curse of Wikipedia strikes Norman Wisdom

Graun, Mirror fall for bogus factoids

WAC wiki creates Waikiki

It asks developers to comment on draft APIs

UK energy industry mugs customers

£32 billion? That'll do nicely

Ex-General Electric boss unleashes bile on HP board

'Big mouth' Larry not the only CEO to bitch and moan

Close integration cannot stop at the HW/SW boundary

Even if openness suffers

Sony Ericsson Zylo

ReviewA Walkman phone by any other name

Man enraged by sagging pants pops cap in teen's ass

Meanwhile, Florida man denies knowledge of butt crack

Hitachi shows 1600 x 1200 panel for 7in tablets

302ppi touchscreen, anyone?

Navy Carriers: We want two or no votes for you, Tories

CommentNo frigate on Caribbean drugs patrol? Imagine my concern

AMD says it is definitely, really not for sale

But what were you thinking of offering, Oracle?

ICO wants clearer definition of 'personal' data

Wording of the Data Protection Act creates legal mess

Nokia's anti-capitalist RPG heads for console

Be Swampy without leaving the sofa

Keyboard-equipped iPad cases comes to Blighty

Don't tell netbook buffs

OLPC makes first-world tablet

Non-profit partners Marvell on PC for western consumers

Miniskirted Brazilian is appealing...

...$24k damages for baying mob ordeal

Brasso Gadgetcare

Txt TakeProduct reviews in 140 characters or less

20% of TVs to ship in 2015 will be 3D, says analyst

We say almost all of them will

Kiss frontman gives file-sharers tongue-lashing

'Even the poop they poop out is the food I bought them'

Intel preps ARM-to-x86 porting tool for iOS apps

Please bring your popular software to our platform

Euro Council of Ministers wants Happy World

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was nice

Opera targets unsmartphones with Mini ad exchange

How to make money without a monopoly – or a sugar daddy

Adobe Reader purged of hole that was under attack

22 other bugs also exterminated

Mozilla upsets net world order with Bing on Firefox

Microsoft slips under Google sugar daddy

Citrix beefs up virtual computing

Lots o' Xen tweaks. GoToMeeting video

Hackers hijack internet voting system in Washington DC

All your votes are belong to us

Logitech unveils first Google TV box

$300 webtelevision ships this month

Opensourcer targets Windows Phone 7 hopefuls

Silverlight cash in

Facebook unveils changes to enhance privacy

Groups: Now with more user control

Cisco jump-starts home 'telepresence'

HD video calls made consumer friendly

Motorola sues Apple over - what else? - patents

'Dog fight' escalates

Android phone auto reverts jailbreaks

T-Mobile firmware rollback squashes modders

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