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27th > September > 2010 Archive

Keene USB FM Transmitter

ReviewWireless music for 15 quid, surely not?

Coders tip Google Android for eclipse of the Steve

Jobsian OS less future proof

Customers paying more and putting up with mobes for longer

Shiny toys meet recession

Apple escapes competition charges

Ends 'country of origin' restrictions

WTF worm makes Twitterers declare goat lust

You want my brother, he's much bigger

Quick and dirty file-clustering-for-idiots

Sysadmin blogDFSR is safe for work

Google ordered to pay out for automated defamation

Search suggestion libels Frenchman

Kindle users finally get to pay for games

Actually... game, singular, but it's a start

Raising the roof on the shingled write problem

Read and write track width asymmetry

Facial recognition tech could hit plod smartphones

Oz think tank ogles prisoners

Sony launches net content streamer in Blighty

Bravia Internet TV in a box

National Grid blames BT for gas explosion

Concrete chamber stressed gas pipe

Anti-piracy lawyers' email database leaked after hack

Backup torrented

Three links phones to Facebook for free

Well, some of it

Vodafone throws cash at Cricket betting and loyalty card apps

Clicks compo results are in

Vulcan seeks further £400k refuel

XH558 hits stormy financial weather - again

Microsoft adopts invisible mobile pitch

The phone you won't have to fish out of the toilet

Sharp outs little'n'large e-mag tablets

One for home, one for the road

Nuclear merchant ships could open up Arctic routes for real

British shipping biz poised to make a killing?

Apple sprays Web2.0 aftershave on Ping

That pongs a bit, grandpa

Segway philanthropist found dead

Man behind Hesco Bastion

Zeus botnets' Achilles' Heel makes infiltration easy

C&C hijacking comes to the unwashed masses

Christian group declares jct 9 on M25 cursed

Vigil cleanses area of unholy cassette recordings

HP gooses Integrity server virt with PA-RISC emulation

Lots of goodies in HP-UX 11i v3 Update 7

US Navy says electric jet-flinger tech looking good

Just in time to save the Royal Navy - or just too late?

Wikileaks' Assange to reenter the fray

Embattled leaker to face Times man

Toshiba Satellite A660 16in laptop

ReviewSymmetry, we've heard of it

Hitachi flashes updated top end VSP

Promises ultra coolness

ZeuS attacks mobiles in bank SMS bypass scam

Flicks two fingers to two factor authentication

HP purges Cisco gear from data centers

The edge goes next

Welsh hospitals to allow mobile use

A mere 20 months after the English

UN appoints alien liaison boffin

'I for one would like to welcome...'

Windows Phone 7 launch dates leak

Event invites fuel rumours

The 500 year archive

The stained glass windows of Auch

HP slaps P9500 label on HDS' VSP array

Oh, it's smaller than I expected....

Nutter repairmen scale 1,768ft TV mast

VidSuffer from vertigo? Don't click here

Fibre broadband is good for you, Conroy tells Aussies

Slams 'white elephant' remarks

IBM eats Blade Network for switches

Another $400m in 'research and development'

Mystery lingers over stealthy Stuxnet infection

AnalysisCloak and dagger

Feds want backdoors built into VoIP and email

Warn of investigations 'going dark'

US mainstream media is Apple's bee-atch

And hope outpaces fear (barely)

Unity 3 debuts (sans Jobsian code spectre)

New freedom. New version

Prosecutor resigns over sexting spree to crime victim

'Hot, young nymph' wasn't amused

Microsoft surrenders Live Spaces future to WordPress

A thousands points of light going out

Orange sells infrastructure nuageux based on Vblocks

Another telecom gets clouds in its eyes

RIM unveils The BlackPad BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry DevconHey, Steve. It runs Flash

Microsoft to issue emergency patch for ASP.Net vuln

Muzzling 'padding oracle' for good

IBM Goes 'GPU-riffic' with new blade

GTC Video BlogGPU goodness — not just for HPC anymore

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