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23rd > September > 2010 Archive

Schmidt: 'Google doesn't do data mining'

Er, is that a joke too?

Yahoo! opens chicken coop data center

A chanticleer for efficiency

CUDA daddy muses on future GPUs

GTC'G'bye CPU, we hardly knew ye'

Egos clash in Larry's Oracle locker room

OpenWorldClouds, sails, and literature

DWP's Harley tops government CIO pay list

9 gov IT managers paid more than PM

Ten... iPhone 4 accessories

Product Round-upAdd-ons for your Apple

EU Parliament calls for pan-EU copyright law

Current law 'not effective'

Over half of all apps have security holes

Dodgy development practices blamed

GPUs slick up with oil sleuths

Mind-boggling data streams returns with site redesign

Publicity seeking? Nevaaah...

Marvell intros 1.5GHz tri-core ARM chip

Boost for tablets, smartphones

Windows Phone 7 up for grabs from 'excited' 3

At least one user for Microsoft to claim...

SwiftKey offers alternative for Android typists

But Swype remains an OEM-only option

Livedrive adds media streaming

Remote music library

Ad touts benefits of pubic school to South Benders

Indiana bill board suffers lewd omission

Ellison winds up rivals with stack-in-a-box vision

OpinionBoxes off Oracle OpenWorld

Bookeen debuts multi-touch e-book reader... with web browser

Zut alors!

Google responds to Czech ban

We never done it or nothing digital engagement director to retire

Katie Davies steps up

US forces drop dead drug-poison killer mice from helicopters

Gloves come off in Pacific jungle conflict

IBM opens up vast market for GPU computing

GTC Video BlogNvidia talks Fermi blades

Dell Streaks on stage

CEO whips out seven-incher at Oracle Con

MS offers Security Essentials to small business

How do you compete with a freebie?

IPv6 uptake still slow despite looming address crunch

AnalysisFunding and expertise hard to come by

Facebook phone rears up again

But what does it mean?

World's first pedal-powered ornithopter takes flight in Canada

VidSky-pedalo inventors get into a flap

Standivarius Aero fold-flat laptop stand

Txt TakeProduct reviews in 140 characters or less

Universities warn Willetts on science cuts

80s-style brain drain ahead

Dell Inspiron M101z 11.6in notebook

ReviewClass-leading performance

Google whacks Spanish TV station in court

'Big win for the internet', or YouTube at least

T-Mobile cuts off dope-finding text service

But only because it wasn't open

Zuckerberg leapfrogs Jobs on Americans' rich list

Sent from my iPhone... bitch

No one needs Blu-ray, says Microsoft exec

Format to be quickly superseded by downloads, streaming

Über-zombie cookies give us the fear

Say hello to invulnerable evercookies

India bans mass messaging on mosque riot fears

Keep the peace

Microsoft secretly yanks TechNet product keys

Even own staff think it's a bug

Blockbuster winds itself into Chapter 11

So I can keep that tape of Nine and a Half Weeks?

Saatchis to pimp .xxx domains

The old net porn system isn't w**king

Vacuum-wielding thieves siphon €500,000 from store safes

Sucks to be them

Mozilla breeds Firefox for Palm HP webOS

Homes in on Symbian

NextIO squeezes Nvidia GPUs into super-dense package

Stack 'em and rack 'em

Google cools data center with bottom of Baltic Sea

Newspaper destruction metaphor goes chillerless

IBM punts first z196 mainframes

Swiss Re takes two

Sex, lies, and botnets: the saga of Perverted Justice

Ex-vigilante vents DDoS fury over sham affair

Facebook on the blink for second time in two days


AMD chops Q3 sales forecast

Consumer notebooks fall off the table

FCC rubberstamps rules for 'WiFi on steroids'

How to fill the white spaces

MySQL's non-heroic future runs Castle Oracle

OpenWorldThe price of 'victory' is Windows

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