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21st > September > 2010 Archive

Oracle gooses Exadata clusters with chunky Intel chips

Name Hurding

Apple borgs Swedish face rec boffins

Jobs picks Polar Rose

Belarusian extradited to US for one-stop ID theft site

Over 2,000 served

Oracle on Unix biz: We can rebuild it

Solaris 11 – the Steve Austin of OSes

Apple iPod Touch 4G

ReviewiPhone lite

Online hotel bookings to be probed for price-fixing

OFT rummages cupboard for cans of whup-ass - any there?

Check Point defends ZoneAlarm scareware-style warning

'We didn't want to scare anybody'

Microsoft waves Zune Pass at UK

Multi-screen music shop

Sony piques PS3 fans with PlayTV patch fee

You want the firmware update? Cough up

German gov gives Google Street View privacy deadline

That's one way of making them talk

T-Mobile UK pushes German Froyo to Desire users

Small price to pay?

Thieves jam key-fob lock signals in mystery car thefts

Tech-savvy blaggers lift swag leaving windows intact

Orange outs budget Android 2.1 handset

San Francisco first of a series

Vodafone pulls 360 trick on Froyo hungry users

While T-Mobile tells them to learn German

Harrow flicks pirate thrown in slammer

Multi-tasking iPhone, popcorn botherer gets six months in jail

iPhone mules are taking our handsets, damnit!

Johnny Foreigner fuels UK iPhone shortage

Nokia knocks back N8

Delayed to tweak user experience

GPU Technology Conference video deep dive

HPC BlogBigger, faster, stronger

Sony 3D photo update for PS3 imminent

For the few with 3D TVs, cameras

Indiana judges dismiss girl's nipple exposure appeal

No constitutional protection for Hoosier's hooters

Betfair set fair for float

Shares could be a good bet, or not.

Firefox wraps its gums around the iPhone

Spreading the experience, if not the tech

Intel slips anti-theft tech into hardware to deter thieves

Vulcan pinch

Crash grounds RAF Eurofighters - for Battle of Britain Day!

Pilot's death sees UK defended once again by Spitfire

Check Point kills scareware-style pop-up campaign

Waves white flag

Police issue lettuce e-fit

Software blamed for lettuce-haired suspect

Death of laptops greatly exaggerated, Best Buy boss insists

Not dead after all

Google tuts at gov caginess with Transparency Report

No doubt the precogs have already seen this

Oracle bigs up 7000 ZFS storage line

Mystery top-end product

Samoan clerics finger homosexuals over global warming

Shock at conference on climate change and creativity

Half of Chinese are downloading mobile apps

And with hardly a smartphone in sight

Steve Jobs in iPhone bitchslap to creationists, Tea Party

'Humans are related to monkeys: But porn is still sinful'

Twitter flaw creates micro-blogging mayhem


Nokia' new UI god declares war on clutter

Cleanliness starts at home

Twitter plugs black-box website vuln

Mouse hole

Seagate rolls out 1.5TB external whopper

GoFlex gets half as much capacity again

The GPU tails wag the CPU dogs at Nvidia show

UpdatedWhere are the Tesla roadmaps?

Stallman storms in on Oz software patent conflab

Sharp implements advised

Google data center links shot down by 'bored' riflemen

Pot shots in the back-end

Critical Internet Resources not so critical

Internet Governance ForumSilence the Lambs

Microsoft warns of in-the-wild attacks on web app flaw

Time to gag your ASP.Net oracle

Nvidia CEO outs GPU roadmap

GTC'Perf per watt equals perf'

Bill would let feds block pirate websites worldwide

Copyright enforcement as censorship

Oracle to webify mobile Java against Android

OpenWorld JavaOneHot for WebKit and DirectX

Facebook open sources live MySQL makeover

Schema reschemed on fly

Server makers leap on GPU bandwagon

GTCHPC visions dance in their heads

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