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14th > September > 2010 Archive

Novell punts cloud control tool

Don't call it CloudWare

Intel's Sandy Bridge welcomes discrete graphics

IDFRoom for both Formula One and Toyota Prius

Veteran spam suit troll plaintiff calls it quits

Cites threat of bankruptcy or dissolution

Veebeam intros laptop-to-telly video streamer

£99 Wireless USB gadget

Dell's Viking servers raid hyperscale data centers

3U chassis packs a dozen longboats

RIM BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

ReviewStraight talking?

Ofcom outlines accessibility benefits of superfast networks

Next-gen net could help elderly and disabled

Over The Air: Losing drones and forging bus tickets

There's nothing the iPhone can't do

Craigslist to tell Congress why it cut adult ads

Section censored

Whitehall signs MoU with Atos

First IT supplier on board

Crypto weakness leaves online banking apps open to attack

Padding Oracle 'affects every ASP.NET web application'

Action gamers make better drivers, soldiers, surgeons

Presumably not while actually playing, though

Consumer group slams Britain's digital radio switchover

ExclusiveBiased and unrealistic, Department told

Coalition pledges free appeals for filesharers

Digital Economy Act incoming

Former Civil Service chief calls for climate shakeup

InterviewWhat do our mandarins really think of global warming?

School worker jailed for abuse images

32 months

Do the Webminimum

Sysadmin blogNewbie Linux management shortcut joy

Pay-to-play apps hit Ovi

Nokia WorldYou're in their talons

Chinese cybercrooks offer DDoS-for-hire

Where do you want our zombies to go today?

Voice of America chap ejaculates over Paris Hilton

Protests El Reg coverage of celebutard recruitment

UK plans increased spending on cyber-security

We shall fight them at the firewall

Tom Clancy's Hawx 2

ReviewFlight to the death

Shoot-em-ups make you think faster

Amazing facts of our time (No. 92)

Transport Dept's answer to embarrassing, cancelled IT projects?

Don't cancel them, forget them if you do

Nokia trumpets socially-savvy smartphones

Stepping up with Symbian^3

Harry Potter theme park magically swallows big visitors

Flagship ride adjusted for larger cargoes

Zuck buffs image ahead of Facebook movie

I'm in the New Yorker... bitch

Czechs tell Google to stop StreetView

Another dissident against Schmidt's glorious privacy-free future

Hands-on with the new Nokias

Nokia WorldTwo Cs and an E. Is that a pass grade?

Robot footballers 'will beat Human Race first eleven by 2050'

Will presumably thrash England in about 3 or 4 years

LG takes Optimus into Android prime time

Two Froyo handsets for Europe

Sony punts external BD burner at home cinemas

It's portable too

Steve Jobs carried 'ninja throwing stars' in hand luggage

UpdatedEllison faces challenge for silicon samurai mantle?

OFT waves through Sky's Virgin TV slurp

Final final clearance

Buffalo charges in with USB 3.0 3D BD drive

SuperSpeed burning

Vodafone promises more tiers for data hungry customers

Nokia WorldBecause some contracts are more equal than others

ID fraudsters sell stolen Aus house

There goes the neighbourhood

Airphonic wireless 'Pod-to-speaker streamer arrives in UK

Make your iDevice music source and remote control

Kingston SuperSpeeds USB Flash drive line

USB 3.0 on a stick

Cisco adds slim blade with fat memory to UCS

Virts up security and WAN optimization appliances

Intel touts low-power, high-quality Sandy Bridge video

IDFEnhance your skin tone

Pirate Bay beset by tainted ads

Here be malware!

Dell readies flip-screen tablet-cum-netbook

IDFInspiron Duo demo'd

Halo: Reach

ReviewStart the Fight

Dixons to do app stores

IDFThere's a retail download opprtunity for that

Intel: next-gen Atom SoC will debut in 2011

IDFGreater integration for lower power draw

Microsoft closes hole used to attack industrial plants

Two other Stuxnet bugs remain

Big Blue Sam disses HP, lauds Ellison

IBM's biggest rival? Oracle

Ubuntu man responds to GNOME 'coattail' claims

Shuttleworth defines Canonical's mission

Update kills code-execution threat in Samba

Five years of code vulnerable

OpenSolaris spork ready for download

Second open OS from Blighty

Google acquires 'video Street View' startup

Have a Quicksee

Yahoo! economist rebuilds ad empire with 'Magic Formula'

Why Carol Bartz wears math when it's chilly

Linus Torvalds outs himself as US citizen

Stranger in a strange land

Privacy tool for Iranians withdrawn amid security concerns

'Haystack' could out dissident needles

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