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13th > September > 2010 Archive

SciDB: Relational daddy answers Google, Hadoop, NoSQL

Stonebraker doesn't drop ACID

SGI readies first Project Mojo supers

Sticking it to x64 racks and blades

Cyberlink v. Nero media authoring suites

ReviewTaste the difference

IP address-tracing software breached data protection law

Swiss court rules on Logistep

IBM sees £50m sliced from fingerprinting deal

UK national print database dropped

Post Office complaints: Write to M.BARRASS

Special delivery recipient prompts red faces

Pandora tops 1000 boxes

Open-spec hardware goes professional

Ofcom begins mobile broadband study

Compares networks

Europe begins revamp of rules on re-use of public info

Asks for views on Public Sector Information Directive

Playboy centrefold freaks out at 10,000 feet

WSACouldn't pop a pill so chose airliner cabin door instead

Salvador Dalí style floppy iPad on the way, seemingly

Flexy touch kit also means egg-juggling robot butlers

Office for Mac finally breaks out of Microsoft

Developers mourn features that didn't make it

Cyber-jihad hacker claims credit for 'Here you have' worm

'I could smash all those infected'

Qualcomm grasps for gold while turning silver

'We're still relevant, and mainstream'

Amazon sells board games by inch and ounce

Never mind the quality, feel the width!

Windows malware dwarfs other viral threats

Guess that's why they call it window pain

Jailbreaker iPhone app store snaffles up competitor

Cydia gets bigger, yeah

Nokia's No.2 bails out

It's nothing personal

Police legal advice gives spam RIPA protection

None for your read messages though

US Special Ops robot whispercopter crashes in Belize

Jungle man-sniff radar spybird totalled in prang


Dual mode laptops: hybrid vigour or hybrid torpor? You decide kills Bloglines

Gives RSS reader the bullet

Nintendo hails Super Mario's silver anniversary

Mama Mia - Wee Hee Heeee!

Burglars used social network status updates to select victims

I'm away from home

Naturist club objects to erection of five storey tower block

Fears ping pong and boules will be exposed

IBM racks up the memory

VMworld Video BlogAnd we cue up our camera

GoDaddy seeks $1bn buyer

Superbowl smut-monger touted about

Celeb pics row shows ACPO in frame for shake-up

CommentWho's driving this thing anyway?

Reasons to be cheerful

Sysadmin blogDoomsday Weekend 5: It's over, but that isn't the only good news

Microsoft strolls into white space

Ten days until we can join them

Beeb invents rhyming Nokia exec

'Anssi Vanjokia' gets his coat

Software re-sale restricted by US Court of Appeals

You bought it from someone who didn't own it, chummy

Halo reaches out with Jetpack demo in Trafalgar Square

Aargh, flying Spartans

Microsoft's man in Nokia: he's all business

AnalysisBallmer's remit expands

HP buys security tools firm ArcSight for $1.5bn

More security biz consolidation

Adobe exploit bears fingerprints of hack on Google

New in-the-wild attacks unearthed

Intel introduces Sandy Bridge chippery

IDFSwiss Army processor

Ex-IBM heir apparent gets six months in the slammer

No 'get-out-of jail-free' card, says US attorney

Intel's 'Sandy Bridge' to go all out for DisplayPort

IDFNo more native LVDS support

Microsoft: Silverlight safe against HTML5

Protesting too much?

Google Code bear hugs all OSI open-source licenses

But still frowns on 'license proliferation'

Intel 'Sandy Bridge' to sport 'next-gen' over-clocking tech

IDFBursty for better performance, lower power consumption

Critical Flash vuln under active attack, Adobe warns

Tale of two 0days

Mozilla chucks Roc at Microsoft's new hardness

IE9 acceleration talk rubbished

Microsoft shields Russia's refuseniks from police harassment

Investigates abuses in its name

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