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8th > September > 2010 Archive

'Copyright troll' seeks $150,000 from republican candidate

When infringement is big business

Firefox 4 beta gets hard on Windows

Drops 60s psychedelia API

What does the Hurd mentality bring to Oracle?

CommentWielding the executioner's axe for Ellison

Intel Sandy Bridge preps for AMD Fusion fracas

Monday unveiling

Nokia Home Music HD-1

ReviewThe Great Lost Jukebox turns up in captivity

Web-happy iPhone dev kit gets Jobsian silent treatment

Like Unity. Like Titanium

Apple flooded by Japanese iPod battery swaps

Five thousand fixes in three weeks

Nokia names N8 release date, pricing

Much in demand, apparently

Flaming work laptop toasts cottage

Did dodgy battery cause £350,000 of damage?

Vodafone gets out of China

Turning a tidy profit on the deal

RIM goes for Documents To Go

BlackBerry chalks up another acquisition

Cisco & Citrix marry on virty PCs

A bundle of Windows 7 joy

BT takes 40% of CfH spending

CSC gets a pittance

Pliant does MLC flash

Cheaper flash storage array drives

Nikon updates Coolpix range-topper


O2 rolls out early-bird ticket app

Fast access to priority bookings

MS prices up Xbox 360 Kinect console combo

250GB bundle

UK hacker fined for personnel database mischief

Email salary details to everyone ploy foiled

Bullish analysts: N8 will save Nokia

What's Finnish for Jesus?

Eric Schmidt warns Berliners: 'We know where you are'

Be happy, and hand over your memory to Google

Save us from our users

Sysadmin blogDoomsday Weekend 3: sometimes a god complex isn't a bad idea

Samsung scents strong Android tablet sales

We'll sell 10m in a year, predicts exec

Sussex police try new tactic to relieve snappers of pics

Section 19. Nanananana..........

Cattle-burp eco menace mastered - by oregano

Herbal belch-squelch method also offers milky bonus

Safari and Firefox updates plug critical holes

Drive-by download guard

Fourth-gen iPod Shuffle dissected

Miniaturisation 1, Repairability 0

New mid-range product coming from EMC

Early 2011

Assange asks for new lawyer

Denies blaming CIA for 'smear'

Cisco pays millions to end DoJ probe

Overcharging claims settled


Boffins still sceptical of alien/Elvis involvement

Coalition launches extradition treaty review

Aims for fairness across the pond

Think tank rages at NHS' £700 bill for fertility clinic porn

Sperm donation no excuse for viewing smut

Google squirrels into human brains with Scribe experiment

Sounds like a subdural hematoma to me

Consultants bag £37m from failed e-Borders contract

Project reopening to tender

Three picks up the Tab

Network to punt Samsung Android tablet

Reg hack celebrates happy event

Vulture Central welcomes new asinine arrival

Ofcom gives 3G upgrade thumbs-up

But it'll kill all the bees and then we'll all die!

Software update to convert Humax set-top box to DVR

Bring your own USB storage

BioWare zeroes in on Mass Effect download snafu

Fans treated to 1.5GB of 0s

Google search button is, like, so 2009 - or something

Is this an invite to a necktie party, Reverend?

iOS 4.1 out today, iPhone hackers say

Jailbreakers beware

Brits don't want in-flight calling

Er, too late, probably. Sorry

Has HP blundered big time?

Ejected CEO joins Ellison

HP punts MicroServer for SMBs

Honey, I shrunk the ProLiants

Google pulls trigger on 'Instant' search engine

UpdatedResults rejig as you type

Apple releases iOS 4.1 into the wild

Old devices need not apply

Hurd to take $950,000 salary after Oracle pay cut

Shares and $10m bonus topper upper in play

Adobe Reader 0day under active attack

No mitigations for click-and-get-hacked exploit

Netezza, Symantec jump on takeover rumors

Eat or be eaten

NoSQL CouchDB founder turns to phone and cloud services

CouchIO no more

Appro sells another flash-happy HPC cluster

Trestles gives Opteron 6100s some love

Microsoft wins court order crushing mighty spam botnet

Waledac's 276 domain names seized

Amazon buys (some of) digital music site Amie Street

Founders sing a new Songza

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