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7th > September > 2010 Archive

Ellison taps ex-HP CEO Hurd as Oracle co-prez

Phillips replaced by Larry tennis buddy

Intel and USB 3.0

The cougar gets it

Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones

ReviewAural excitement

UK patent attorneys: ECJ should reject advisors' opinion

Pan-EU patent court a good thing

Happiness: Yours for £50k a year

Optimum income for joie de vivre

Symantec stumbles, drops further behind EMC

Shaky second quarter

Custodial offence for deliberate invasion of data protection? Forget it!

You had your chance, Labour

Retailers price up Samsung 7in Android tablet


Think tank calls for gov IT commoditisation

Big savings from little projects

Druva delivers deduping laptop backup

Outlook and Office-aware

Would you pay for a cooler, less creepy Facebook?

Big Chill founder launches a members' social network

LG smartphones to get Tegra 2

Optimus line primed

Dell Streak causes user fury

Android fluffs it again

TechCrunch purges Zeus malware attack

Oh, God

Google rejigs privacy policy after ice-cream van man slam

Gotta wait until 3 Oct, though

Sony updates PS3 system software

Blocks homebrew hack?

UK jobs growth grinds to a halt

Public sector down, private sector not really up

Panasonic adds iPlayer, Twitter to tellies

Software upgrade available... if you know where to look

Northamber musters 'cautious optimism'

Is that a light at the end of...

Godly Aussie MP accused of being online 'smut' junkie


'Larry and Sergey's HTML5 balls drained my resources'

Users left moaning by bouncy Google experience

DWP spent £1m on search engine 'biasing' in single year

Civil servants throw cash at Google and friends

European CIOs get consolidation

Supplier diversity could suffer

DVLA says council snoopers are free to take the WEE

Gov officials just doing their job, ma'am

A series of disorderly events

Sysadmin BlogDoomsday Weekend 2: Trevor Pott and the Domain of Fire

Mafia II


HPC Advisory Council unveils Cloud HPC initiative

WebcastReady for prime time?

Spammers exploit another Facebook flaw

Share this

DoJ focuses probe of Google flight data land grab

Two antitrust issues eyed, says report

NASA buys cutting-edge Cornish robot

To be dubbed Oooh-Arrr-2-D2, no doubt

Apple's AirPlay: Bring the walled garden home

AnalysisDouble standards

Assange under fire from Wikileakers

'Friends are people who tell you if your face is dirty'

Scammers seize on tax rebates as phishing lure

Greedy sprats

Oz pedestrians fall to 'Death by iPod'

'Lambs to the slaughter'

Wikileaks caught up in Swedish police raids

Copyright coppers go after P2P servers

PARIS threatened by the bends

Careful with that dope

Sod hedgerows and fields, build more base stations

Coverage more important than rural idyll, says quango

Sarko hit by 'asshole' Googlebomb

Oh merde

Oracle rings up new Netra servers

Xeon blade and rack boxes for telcos and hosters

New 'iPhoD' can 'adjust the speed of light by turning a knob'

Magic quantum opti-chip can be made in normal fab, too

Microsoft bod scoots over to BBC iPlayer job

We keep Highfield, you can have Danker

Twitter bug creates account hijacking peril

One-click vuln 'ridiculously easy to attack'

Amazon poaches Microsoft games chief

Kindle online game player?

Google's antitrust probe spin answered

Foundem claims 'diversionary straw man tactics'

Privacy watchdogs challenge laptop seizures at US borders

6,671 travelers searched (so far)

HP sues Hurd to keep secrets from Ellison

UpdatedHP 'idiots' threaten Oracle relationship, says Larry

Leaked Google docs out top search ad spenders

BP spilled $3.6m in Gulf spin campaign

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