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30th > August > 2010 Archive

3PAR awash in sea of green

Dell stoking HP's fire

What is IBM up to in October?

The 7th is the day

DoJ double eyes Google flight data play

$700m airline search pact under microscope

HP punts turnkey Matrix cloud

Hand-holding included

Samsung X125 11.6in notebook

ReviewAMD's Athlon II Neo gets a mini-laptop outing

Broadband pricing in US and Europe falls

€5 a month

I was working in the lab, late one night...

Sysadmin blogLearn about your software in a lab before you deploy it

Is Gordon the future of HPC?

Not that Gordon

Voltaire chases cloudy server networks

One rack, forty-eight 10 GE ports

Intel to acquire wireless chipmaker for $1.4bn

The Third Pillar: Infineon

Citrix eats VMLogix for self-service clouds

Virtual switches coming to XenServer

Disruptive JBoss duo fluff Java cloud

IBM and Oracle take note

Apple QuickTime backdoor creates code-execution peril

Getting punked by 9-year-old parameter

AMD to dump ATI brand

Soon: AMD Radeon and AMD FirePro

Retired joint chiefs chairman dons a Red Hat

Szulik steps down, Shelton steps up

E-voting critic released on bail (finally)

'No offence disclosed'

Google munches mobile game builder

Feast of social startups

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