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25th > August > 2010 Archive

Google tests phone calls from Gmail

VoiceChatTalk VoIP

Intel details 10-core Westmere-EX server silicon

Hot Chips'Only ten? Wanna make something of it?'

Java lobby lowers Android and iPhone defenses

Help us to help you help us

ARM chips put on their server boots

Intel fight afoot

Ten... Wireless Headphones

Product Round-upWired for sound? Not any more!

Argentine court overturns ruling on search engines' link liability

That's not my mess!

Marten Mickos defends honor of Ubuntu's Koala food

'Open core' Eucalyptus scales fightback

Stockholm schoolgirls fined for bugging staff room

Clandestine op's cover blown on Facebook

Alibaba opens up coffers for eBay listing service

Second US buy

Paris Hilton tweets armed intruder drama

'Knifes' scare ends in therapeutic facial

WD debuts four-port powerline boxes

Mains networking to the max

Facebook Places 'sparks interest in similar services'

This is the dawning of the age of location-whores

WikiLeaks readies next release

CIA documents next up

HP bangs on glass as 3PAR marches to the altar

Shane Robison shouts 'NOOOOOOOOO'

BT ad banned for 'misleading' customers over broadband speeds

For once, it's not the estate agent's fault

Pioneer preps wall-mount iPhone speaker

Hang ten?

Energy-saving LEDs 'will not save energy', say boffins

Photon-hoggish humanity set for orgy of illumination

Dixons done for dumping customer info in skip

Do you want identity theft with that?

Apple patches 13 bugs in OS X

At least 6 critical vulns squished

How extreme is your pr0n? Depends on your lawyer

AnalysisBeware bluetooth bearing gifs

Ex-prez sues Fujitsu over ousting

Nozoe demands damages, apology

Apple snubs O2's handset enviro-spec rating

Palm Pre least green in shrunken field

Pupils find teacher's abuse images

Who knew you could retrieve stuff from the recycling bin?

'Spintronic' computing gets closer with laser 'lectron discovery

Tiny twirly tech

Why Android won't worry RIM and Apple

OpinionNibbling at the wrong target

Meego goes 3D

Just what are Nokia and Intel playing at?

Royal Society opens inquiry into why kids hate tech

Lessons that is, not games, mobiles, Facebook

Home Office unveils new UK passport

Better security, lovely pictures goes titsup

Lotsa money owed everywhere

PARIS team cracks Vulture 1-X wing

Knocks together proof of concept structure

Consumers Union calls for NFC regulation

Network operators can't be trusted, not like banks

BBC adopts El Reg units

Vulture Central to send Auntie Olympic-sized invoice

Server recovery picks up steam in Q2

High end waiting for the lift

Facebook leapfrogs Google's Orkut in India

Mountain View supports split personalities

Undead Commodore 64 comes back for Christmas

All-in-one zombie attacks children of the 80s

Pentagon confirms attack breached classified network

'Network administrator's worst fear'

Google unleashes phone calls from Gmail

Voice extension

Intel chief: Obama (still) driving US off cliff

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Stripped-down IE9 interface leaks in Russia

Less is more

Citrix takes bare-metal hypervisor to PCs

XenClient less than it could be

Robocopter combat cargo skyhook chosen by US forces

Meatsack stickjockeys no longer required

Wikileaks publishes secret CIA memo

More to come...

Apple to reveal musical something on September 1

iPods, Apple TV, cloudy tunes?

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