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23rd > August > 2010 Archive

119 iPad apps for admins, coders and geeks

Part two:Useful || fun ! pointless; // for coders*

Oracle names self virtualization king

VMware? IBM? Can't touch us

True Utility Scarab and KeyTool micro multi-tools

Review007-style gadgetry for geeks

Google scoops up more social networking talent

I a lot, come play with me

Assange denies 'sexual assault' allegations

Lie gets halfway round the world before truth gets its boots on

Convirture aims around VMware to hit Xen and KVM

Wants vSphere-like magic

Samsung heading DRAMurai charge

Number one DRAM deliverer

NASA seeks soundtrack for final shuttle mission

Send us your original space-based wakeup tunes

Sony can detect PS3 mod chip dongle use

Mass PSN bans to follow?

Regulator allows charging for uncounted TV text votes

If viewers are warned

Sons of Kahn: The Apocrypha

StobDelphi in a Discotheque

Vodafone launches, prices up mobile hotspot gadget

Huawei-made R201 out on pay monthly

Jobs offers relief for iOS 4-running iPhone 3Gs

Software update will fix slowdowns, apparently

eCrime cops charge 12 over iTunes royalty 'fraud'

Back in court next month

Viewsonic readies 7, 10in Android tablets

IFA introduction

LSI, Seagate and Samsung

No discord, no spin

Visa and BofA plot operatorless NFC

Hitting New York next month

Google to expand Dublin workforce with new ops wing

Putting Ireland on the map

Yemeni assassin hits York man with spam death threat

We'll spare you for $50k

Galaxy S firmware update invalidates Voda warranties

Loyalties divided

Black helicopters circle 'Welsh Roswell'

Eyewitness dismisses MoD cover-up

Iran unveils 'robot bomber'

Promises 'hard and extensive response' if Israel attacks

Google knits 11 patches into Chrome browser

Stable version gets Boba Fett treatment

Aussie election results: Firewall wobbles

What would make a coalition willing?

Japanese press step into execution chamber

Gallows visit likely to 'spark public debate'

Demon summons up gamer-centric broadband plan

Lower pings, latency promised

BSkyB mulls UK Online closure

All off to Sky broadband?

Barclays computer says d'oh!

Saturday shopping fail

HP sharp-elbows Dell to bid for 3PAR

See you and raise you

A 3PARised HP lineup

Whither EVA and XP?

Biz services group borgs French distie

Irish distie says oui

Once-in-a-lifetime gag tops Fringe quip list

Tim Vine secures best joke crown

Samsung bounces out Bada SDK version 1

No longer in beta

IM what IM

Sysadmin blogOCS don't need excuses

Previous HP bid for 3PAR rejected

HP goes hostile

Aus gov, ISPs book seats for firewall demolition

New filters to catch nasty stuff

Australian Sex Party stands proud

Progressive support hardening, reactionaries limp into fifth place

PARIS gets doped up

High as a kite on nitrates

Digital radio 'to miss Govt target by 3 years'

Switchover in 2025?

Scottish skies clear of giant vulture menace

Gandalf recaptured with 'big duvet'

AMD nabs ex-Intel techie as server CTO

Driving Bulldozers to the future

Cleveland residents get RFID-equipped recycling

Comply or pay the price

Vodafone volte-face on Galaxy S

Did we say 'invalidate'?

Toshiba tablet snaps leak out

Landscape orientation

Intel: dual-core Atom netbooks on sale now

N550 hits the shelves

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

ReviewEnough to keep you out the heat?

US puts $30bn of IT projects up for review

The stimulus and the stick

Microsoft's Apple revenge: the pleasure and the pain

Radio RegSchadenfreude offers no guarantees

Cops cuff man who exposed holes in 'perfect' voting machines

Expose a vuln, go to jail

Halo: Reach leaked to net 3 weeks before release

Plucked from Xbox Market

Google Chrome OS tablet in repeat rumorfest

Multitouch for 'gPad'

Google aims Goggles at Apple's iPhone

Hot ChipsCan frenemies cooperate?

OpenStack cloud fluffer does VirtualBox

And Xen too

OpenSolaris board commits ritual suicide

Symbolic passing of power

Nokia Siemens slammed for supplying snoop tech to Iran

'Monitoring centers' led to journo capture

Google tests 'streaming' search engine

Results before you ask

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