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17th > August > 2010 Archive

US fanbois await freedom from Big Phone

Over a third on hold

DARPA funds Mr Spock on a Chip

Lyric's probability processor

Chair maker punts $6,000 iPad recliner

The Lazyfanboi™

MS to Kinect up UK in November

Motion control and more

Fujifilm readies revamped 'true' 3D camera

Dual sensor, lens compact

iPod meltdown strands Tokyo commuters

'Truly regrettable' Apple response

Nikon revamps projector cam

Let your pics shine

Acer Liquid E Android smartphone

ReviewDripping with features?

Disney sued for spying on kids with 'zombie cookies'

Snooping with 'little available redress for users'

MS lists Windows Phone 7 gaming launch line-up

Xbox Live on the go

Alleged bad Appler pleads not guilty

Suppliers cough to consultancy fees

Dell, 3PAR and legal parasites

Hard to stomach lawyers

Paris jub-flash mugger busted

Cashpoint breast bandit makes final withdrawal

Cynicism, grumpiness cause heart attacks, strokes

Old Git syndrome 'may not be confined to Italy'

Nokia intros keypad, touchscreen combo candybar

X3 revamped

India puts threatened BlackBerry ban on paper

RIM promises to explain how hard things are

Network Solutions pulls widget that tainted up to 5m websites

Parked domains borked by long running security fail

Symantec knits VMware safety net

Virtualise biz-crit apps with confidence

Oracle dumping HPC: Genius or foolhardy?

BlogWhat are the long-term costs?

Vodafone tunes Wi-Fi hotspot dongle

Share your 3G connection

STEC's magic MLC sauce

No details released though

Microsoft's volume licensing site goes titsup - again

Weekend 'update' spirals into bloody Monday

WiMAX forum touts version 2. Again

If we build it someone will come. Won't they?

America's top model fights off 'pervert' at Star Wars convention

Imperial Stormtroopers and Sith Lords subdue non-fan

Hacked Axl Rose Twitter account spreads false tour news

GNR frontman relaxed about hack

Google seeks UK privacy lobbyist

Large Californian, 12, WLTM flexible London lawyer

Electric mass-driver catapults to beat Royal Navy cuts?

New tech could save Blighty's carrier force

Microsoft goes double bubble with server beta releases

One for the cloud, and one for home

Pink Floyd wipe albums from web

Wish you weren't here

BT mulls upping apprentice numbers

More popular than university

Ikea forecasts fluffy, fully teched kitchen of the future


Storage big three to define HDD way ahead

CommentSuppliers can't go it alone

iPad hits Asus Eee PC sales

Netbook popularity plunges

Spurs soothsayer predicts Young Boys thrashing on Twitter

Unofficial tweet caught offside

Americans demand Twitter-watching police

But almost half assume they don't

Best Buy slaps 'God Squad' priest with cease-and-desist order

...father, son, and holy ghost Geek

Local councils will carry on splurging on IT

Outsourcing by to grow

HP slurps up security software firm

Fortify strengthens security

Apple fans drool over Liquidmetal widget

Amazing material put to mundane use

Intel and Micron expose 3-bit flash

Targets SD with MLC

New US swarmsats will scatter to avoid space-war strikes

F6 Bomb-burst manoeuvre will avoid actual bomb bursts

IBM completes Power7 server arsenal

Shooting low and high

Verizon demos 1Gbps over existing fiber network

Another poke in the eye for AT&T

SGI previews Q4 financials

On Intel's team in DARPA's HPC challenge

Mozilla eases fears over phishy URL alert

User confusion unlikely

Java daddy says Sun engineers ran 'goofiest patent' contest

Just how 'laughable' is Oracle's Google suit? hit in latest mass hack attack

Cupertino succumbs to Jedi server trick

Top lawmakers slam Google-Verizon 'net neut' scheme

Freetards v greedheads

Yahoo! begins Bingification in North America

Murders Search Monkey

Oracle, Google, and the survival of the fittest Java

Ellison believes in open closed number one

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