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10th > August > 2010 Archive

Penguin program promises license vaccination

Phone and device makers get enterprise input

How an ancient printer can spill your most intimate secrets

Needles and pins

Microsoft digs Macs in back-to-school ads

The mouse works differently

Garmin Asus Nüvifone M10

ReviewSatnav meets smartphone

Sunday Times avoids punitive damages over unauthorised Hendrix CD

Pays interest on $5.8m

Does FCoE really need TRILL?

CommentCisco says no - so?

Toshiba shows off self-deleting, self-encrypting drive

Unique, but not for long

Tory MP's email fail stirs up bloggo-fury

Snowed under

Private lessons

Sysadmin blogA secure browser means a happy sysadmin

Tektronix buys DDoS mitigation firm Arbor Networks

Boosts network security credentials

Perseid meteors - brace for endazzlement

This is going to be a good one, we promise

Seagate pushes HAMR as next big thing

Killer tech may arrive in 2015

iTunes disses doctorates

Irate PhD demands explanation

Did Hewlett-Packard overreact on Hurd's Fishergate?

CommentDell, Intel and high-tech's ski lodges

Simplest Ethernet storage validated

ESG sees shocking simplicity and incredible cost-efficiency

Aussie parties trade blows over fast broadband

Opposition gags on high-fibre diet

UK set for eBook pricing showdown

Waterstones misfires?

Germany bans BlackBerrys and iPhones on snooping fears

Closed proprietary system not safe for gov

Beeb deploys ISS as unit of measurement

Your orbital height in one-dollar coins

Wikileaks falls out with human rights groups

Exposing Taliban informants not cool, says Amnesty

Pesky ISS cooling pump: NASA has a plan

Isolate ammonia, unbolt unit, beers all round

Malware gang steal over £700K from one British bank

Cybercrooks scoop cash from thousands of accounts

Quake Live shoots out of beta with a charge

more bang for your buck

DWP goes old school - loses paper docs, hangs onto e-data

Accidental paperless office

Commission defends data protection review timetable

Long wait for new law

Korean cops raid Google

Street View snoop search

The pain and promise of x86 servers

Reader StudyWhat's it been like for you?

First SMS Trojan for Android is in the wild

UpdatedPremium rate scam will cost Google phoners dear drops Home Access scheme

Laptop, broadband for poor pupils prog canned once cash dries up

Accenture denies British Gas 'millions of errors' billing system claim

'Exceptions' not glitches

Air steward resigns via emergency chute

Abuses passenger, grabs beers and slides into net celebrity

University launches Google-gaming and Twitter course

A 'new paradigm for information searching'

Independent bigs up the 'Wanky Balls festival'

Massive Attack of Wikipedia cobblers

Memory shortage could spike PC prices

Can't get the tools guv

Hotmail still not working? Use Chrome to fix it, says MS

Advises unhappy users to switch to Google's browser

Uncertain future hits Novell's Q3

Revenues and profits dropping

Voda UK rings up PAYG plans for iPhone 4

Home for your unlocked phone?

FalconStor may have morale problem

Staff turnover normal business events says management

'Free' laptops - a popular temptation

Mobile broadband at a price

VMware packs Zimbra into virtual appliance

Ubuntu collaboration on Windows

Google, Verizon net pact has 'many problems' says FCC commish

Interests of consumers versus giant corporations

Plane crash kills 'series of tubes' Senator Ted Stevens

UpdatedEx-NASA chief survives

Avira owns up to BitDefender Trojan false alarm


Microsoft purges Windows of serious SSL vuln

Balance in the force restored

Deviant Google Android probes Linux kernel re-entry

Google power-code reworked

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