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9th > August > 2010 Archive

iMovie for iPhone 4

ReviewVideo editing on the Judas phone

HP contractor 'surprised and saddened' by Hurd sacking

'Never my intention'

Ton-up speed merchant blames dyslexia

103mph? Can't read the speedometer, officer

Virgin Media puts Dave and Gold on the block

BBC in the frame for UKTV

Big vendors get deadline to fix holes, or face the music

AnalysisFull, responsible, coordinated or no disclosure - take your pick

Rogue San Fran BOFH given 4 years

2 years served to be deducted

Flash finally finagled onto iPhone

For those prepared to risk it

US starts charging for online visa-waiver

Huddled masses? Nine quid a head, squire

Runner and riders for HP's top job

CommentWho will succeed Mark Hurd at HP?

DNS Made Easy rallies after punishing DDoS attack

50Gbps of botnet-powered badness

BBC workers lose £240k of tech gear in two years

FoI request reveals missing kit

Google Slides away from Wave FAIL with social network buy

In your Facebook... bitch

BlackBerry bows to Saudi Arabia

Servers moved, ban averted

Corrupt repair engineer jailed for bank fraud attempt

Candid camera outs opportunistic hacker

O2 offers Pay & Go BlackBerry basket

Take your pick

Ryanair plumps for Dell EqualLogic

Rejects HP and IBM/NetApp

Should your data centre look more like Google’s?

Reader StudyOr is that just a stupid idea?

Moon actually dryer than dem dry bones, say boffins

Kybosh put on lunar ice-mine rocketfuel bonanza plans

Vodafone won't act on customers' HTC Desires

Video streamers wait patiently for action

Google experimenting with spy drones, says German maker

'Sky View' brewing, or just fresher Google Maps?

Skype gets ready to float


Judge rejects Accenture appeal against £182m lawsuit

Billing system cockup goes all the way to court

RIM confirms Curve 3G

BlackBerry bound for Blighty

Turkish groom accidentally sprays wedding guests with bullets

Father, aunts slain in freak nuptial firearms blunder

Wireless monitoring saves lives - study

In those already suffering from heart disease

How neutrality locks in the web's 'Hyper Giants'

AnalysisWhat Google-Verizon means for you

Anti-virus defences even shakier than feared

UpdatedSecurity firms attack 'flawed' tests

Skype: Fear and loathing in Cupertino, Mountain View

AnalysisDitches MySpace warns on patents and Apple

Virgin and Ubisoft team up for tournaments

It pays to be a Virgin gamer

Microsoft ends Office lovers' employee discount program

Time to move on

Details spill on IBM's big iron Power7 servers

Price favors profits not volume

Upgraded iPads, iPhone, and Apple TV reported

Verizon iPhone closes Antennagate

Critical jailbreak hole plugged in Foxit Reader

Adobe Reader unaffected

DARPA awards $76.6m supercomputer challenge

Small scale ExtremeScale

Judge halts domain registration scam

$4.26m in bogus renewal fees collected

Shipping container fuels Australia's bid to be supercomputing power

So what's inside the box?

Ellison blasts HP 'idiots' for Hurd's exit

Tennis buddy serves up

Google, Verizon offer net neutrality proposal

A free internet — except when it isn't

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