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4th > August > 2010 Archive

Adobe confirms remote code-execution flaw in Reader (again)

Separate PDF vuln in Safari hits iPhone, too

Etón Soulra solar-powered iPod dock

ReviewLet there be light… and sound

Dixons aims high, medium and low with own-brand blizzard

Customers sliced and diced

Saudi Arabia beats UAE to BlackBerry ban

Shutters come down Friday

Vodafone upsets customers with upgrade downgrade

Users up in arms

Indonesian parliament gets smut eyeful

Now that's what I call an early day motion... er...

Carnivorous plague mice 'wiping out towns' in US Midwest

Burrowing bioweapon corpse-feast dog-squirrel horror

Scotland's police inspector slams data entry record

Skelly not happy

Sky faces competition probe over film rights

Ofcom calls in Competition Commission

Google to allow trade marks as keywords across Europe

Other UK changes afoot too

Hotmail upgrade finally reaches 350m users

Plumbs depths of Web2.0rhea

Botnet that pwned 100,000 UK PCs taken out

Researchers crowbar entry into cybercrime server

UK music worth £3.9bn

Bucks recession trend

Hands on with Nintendo 3DS

Pushes all the right buttons

Apple smartens up music file-sharing via iDisk

Cloud streaming stealth launched? Not really...

Symantec leak hints at PureDisk on NetBackup 5000

Secret dedupe tech

Brussels delays data protection reforms

Complex overhaul

Terrafugia Transition flying car redesign - first analysis

Crash protection robs lardo pilots of golf clubs

Vonage offers free 3G calls for iPhone, Droid Facebookers

Bitchslapped cheeks aflame at Skype and Fring

AOL sales drop by a quarter, reports billion dollar loss

'Getting healthier everyday'

Scotland Yard cuffs six in megaquid phish ring probe

Operation Dynamophone nabs suspects

Superhero game beta sucks boobs into honeypot

'Absolutely the most useless Beta key in history'

Red Dead Redemption reloads with add-ons

First pack on its way

LiMo rumoured set for recall to Linux mothership

It's an Android world out there

Labor raids IT piggybank to grease election promises

Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Or something

Vodafone bags UK first for BlackBerry Torch 9800

Supplier starts shipping soon

FTC settles Intel lawsuit to 'help consumers'

Update'Disturbing behavior' curbed

Is it a phone? Is it a Taser? No, it's a cattle prod!

Novel explanation for mobile stun gun

GPL scores historic court compliance victory

I want my HDTV settlement

Judge trounces in hijacking case

Idiocy is no excuse

'Most powerful person in search' calls time on Yahoo!

Google promotion targets Facebook?

AMD to crank up performance with Bulldozer Opterons

Shared components, more clocks

Apathy kills Google's new-age Wave

Idea unappreciated beyond the Googleplex

Apple preps iOS fix as Germany warns of iPhone peril

Flick a slider, get rooted

Microsoft strikes Salesforce patent payola

Settlement riddle

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