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3rd > August > 2010 Archive

Virgin sets Ofcom on Project Canvas

'Controlling every aspect of how people watch TV'

Ten Essential... Symbian Apps

Product Round-upSoftware for your Nokia

Apple as a religion: How the iPhone became divine

'Imbued with sacred significance'

Xbox Live billing site snubs Firefox

Credentials invalid. Game over

HP pays to end kickback probe

This doesn't mean we're guilty

Show geo-data some respect, don't rely on Web2.0 data

Survey kicks hive brain into touch

Women, gorillas likelier to have sex with men wearing red

Beefeaters, guardsmen overjoyed by shock findings

Dell does factory fresh virus infections?

Something new to be frightened about!

India bags BlackBerry interception rights

Kuwait can block porn - but UAE gets nothing

Google warns Chrome Canary is only for the brave

Who wants a highly unstable browser which will often break entirely?

Samsung unveils 2TB tri-platter drive

New EcoGreen model spins up

ISS set for Friday chill-out

First spacewalk to replace failed ammonia pump

Sophos downplays Android malware threat

UpdatedDoesn't blend. Won't spread smiles and nods at commentards

Web public's ideas change nothing

Court slaps down coppers in photography case

Plods and cameras just do not mix

PARIS pumps up a Mk 2 release mechanism

Second shot at unleashing Vulture 1

Leicester City councillors eye up iPad to save £90k a year

Council says a 'techy-type' person did the maths

ET voted fave family film fodder

Pips Wizard of Oz to winning post

Solar plasma aurora storm to hit Earth tomorrow today!

Burst sunspot could see Northern Lights over UK, US

Pentagon Wikileaks probe reaches MIT

Top boffins implicated in Afghan log dump

BCS Linux-baiting sparks flame war

Dad's Army hit by sweary Marys

ITV to tinker with micropayments

Jumps onto Sky HD

Revolution lets R do stats on big data

Scalability boost, too

Intel eyes up Infineon for purchase

Sating wireless cravings

Start-up promises to slash virtual backup times

Silver bullet for VMware users

iOS jailbreak howdunnit partially solved

UpdatedPDF exploit framed for jailbreak

Wiki crew launch attack on FBI official seal bluster

Permission denied, but what the hell!

HDS extends BlueArc OEM agreement

Two years more

RIM lights a candle for the BlackBerry Torch

OS rev, touch screen, full QWERTY

Visual Studio suits up for business apps

Office and SharePoint choreography

Illumos sporks OpenSolaris

Spooning Oracle for now, but ready to fork

Hack uses Google Street View data to stalk its victims

'Geo location gone terrible'

The DCB world is not enough

TRILL needed too

Liberal Google, Yahoo!, Apple hurting America claims Reagan

UpdatedPimps 'first' all-conservative email host

OOXML and open clouds: Microsoft's lessons learned

From conflation to inflation

Location-based quantum crypto now possible, boffins say

Position-based security 'great stuff'

Google enables (some) multiple account sign-ins

Gmail and more, but mobile devices need not apply

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