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2nd > August > 2010 Archive

NatWest calls off legal attack dogs

Apologises for hair-triggered lawyers

Want cheap international calls? Pay foocall for the privilege

El Reg applauds cut-price name

UAE to cut off BlackBerry users

Best before 11 October

Satnav leaves family stranded in Outback for three days

Ignore those 'Road Closed' signs, why don't you

ISS suffers coolant pump failure

'No danger' from ammonia system breakdown

Sage walks away from TeamSystem bid

Exits €650m takeover war

Apple ditches video evidence

Drops antenna clips in bin, walks away whistling

Poisoned Angelina flick hits torrents

Salt tastes bitter

Is it all over for Mars Rover?

Martian winter might do for plucky robot

Hollywood claims Aussie ISP promoted BitTorrent use

Trying again to make iiNET police its customers

Wikileaks publishes encrypted 'insurance' file

1.4GB mystery

Firefox market share drops as IE makes slender gain

But Chrome is the one to watch now

iRobot cops US Army droid order, aces Q2 results

Military Roombas cost like Ferraris

Limited end-to-end FCoE

Hors d'oeuvre only

Job ads up despite coalition cutbacks

Fastest growth for three years

iPhone 4 jailbreak banks on browser exploit

Free and legal, you say?

ITV preps pay TV service

In talks with BSkyB

Lindsay Lohan released from screaming lesbian ordeal

Exits jail after 13 days

Wacom Cintiq 21UX interactive pen display

ReviewDesigner on-screen drawing tablet

Hacking into GSM for only $1500

Demonstrated and documented

DfT denies deliberately misleading on speed cam stats

As Swiss prepare for new supercams

Open source: A hardy few do all the work

Where are Google and IBM when you need them?

MS Office for Mac 2011 out in October

RRPs shaved

Stealth fighter in Canadian Wikipedia brouhaha

Politico 'has 6 toes on each foot', say splurtopedians

Dell outsourcer lifts US woman's saucy pix from PC

UpdatedAdding that personal xxx touch to remote access

Carphone Warehouse unveils music locker that isn't

UpdatedOrb-like cloud music service

Council's school-snoop-op ruled illegal

'Sinister' catchment area spying disproportionate

RFID chips snooped from 66 metres

US military could maybe read the thing at 80 miles. By gum!

Server sales do drunk cat bounce in 2010

Bad news for Oracle, better news for Dell

DTrace co-creator quits Sun, hits delete on Oracle

Bryan Cantrill dreams of eternal sunshine

Chip sales stay high in June

Don't bogart that semi market

Botnet with 60GB of stolen data cracked wide open

Fast flux no more

Microsoft responds to IE8 'privacy quashed' report

Heated exchanges

Win 7 up, Mac OS X down in market share wars

XP still king of the hill - by far

Voda NZ answers iPhone 4 complaint - with a song

'If you don't want an iPhone 4, don't buy it'

Microsoft rushes out emergency fix for critical Windows bug

Get yours now

IBM deploys x64 battle waggon

Massive server virtualization targeted

Android surges past iPhone in smartphone sales

RIM and Windows Mobile continue to slide

Conn. lawman grills Apple and Amazon over e-book pricing

Most favored nation status scrutinized

'Be careful' warning accompanies latest Linux kernel

Unfinished code makes Torvalds unhappy

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