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29th > July > 2010 Archive

NoScript 2.0 beefs border patrol

'Saves your router's ass'

Alcatel OT-808 fashion phone

ReviewQwerty clamshell with text appeal

Cell phone eavesdropping enters script-kiddie phase

Black HatGet your GSM snooping tools here

Amazon takes Kindle to the UK

Opens Kindle store

Russian city blocks YouTube

Clampdown on 'extremist' material

Sage poised for huge Italian buy

New boss plots €650m bid

Churchill's dentures go under the hammer

War-winning gnashers

Call of Duty: Black Ops squeezes on to Nintendo DS

Standalone handheld companion

BT layoffs boost profits

Braces for cuts

Turkish pranksters load Facebook Translate with swears

The rudeness of crowds

Opposition to can Aus $1.3bn school laptops program

Election fun and games

UK population to be guaranteed mobile 768Kb/sec service

Plus new-for-old deal for PMSE

DfT 'unwittingly' bigged-up speed camera benefits

ExclusiveRumours of their awesomeness exaggerated, dept admits to Reg

Supercomputer geek builds Cray-1 around home PC

More powerful than the original?

ID card astroturf - No2ID beats the truth out of IPS

Er yes, nearly all the happy campers did work for us

Papal crackdown on bare-kneed tourists sparks hypocrisy claims

Rubbish - priests always cover their knees

iPads for hospitals: is this a good idea?

Can you wash it, drop it, stop your patients from stealing it?

UK privacy watchdog clears Google Wi-Fi slurp

'Nothing personal'

Data breaches blamed on organised crime

Hackers feast on financial sector security mistakes

Authentic Navy rum: Yours for £600 a bottle

Last stocks of RN hard stuff offered to landlubbers

Sky turns 3D on Oct 1

Strong sports line-up. And golf

Google sets Android on pirates

Phone-home copy protection

Acer Aspire Ethos 8943G 18.4in laptop

ReviewFull HD desktop replacement with plenty of poke

Virgin hitches MTV to media player loveliness

Three screens. When will the madness stop?

Courts bar dodgy documents from divorce cases

Hildebrand rules hustled out

Fragrant tech thief stalks Whitehall

Public servants' purses exposed

.NET for Android prepares to get probed

Port from Windows help

Pay-off or lay-off: HP calls on 700 staff to heed redundo plea

EOW woe

Sky bags UK HBO exclusive

Not showing on a TV near you

Quantum quivers again

Drops a sales ball

Sky clocks up £1bn profit

HD boosts money-making machine

Nokia goes after Opera Mini

It'll have you in interstitials

Apple coughs to iPhone 3G IOS 4 upgrade problems

Where are we now?

IBM buys file compressor

Storwize swallowed

Oracle and HP make a deal for Solaris on ProLiants

Dell does deal for PowerEdges, too

Lovefilm calls in the DRM brigade for media player push

They're all at it

US carrier tailors 3G jacket for iPod touch?

A Peel for your Apple

Open source HPC file system gets startup

Wham, cloud with Lustre

Next Gnome delayed until 2011

September previews planned

Microsoft names September for IE9 beta

FAMTurner promises 'great' story

Fog of cyberwar: internet always favors the offense

Black HatThe Poland of international conflict

Nvidia plugs-in Visual Studio with CUDA 3.1

Cuda be an enterprise contender

Ballmer and Softies sacrifice sleep to catch iPad

FAM'Job-one urgency'

Uncle Sam sues Oracle (again) for alleged fraud

DoJ doubles down on whistleblower suit

Data for 100m Facebook accounts published to BitTorrent

Forever is a mighty long time

'Suspicious' Android wallpaper app nabs user data

Up to 4 million downloads

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