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19th > July > 2010 Archive

'External experts' replace Oracle on £13.2m Uni IT project

Needs best served

NASA and Rackspace open source cloud fluffer

OpenStack targets one million machine Nebula

Academics must check contracts' effects on user rights

Gov body reviews copyright and contract laws

Steve Jobs death-grips iPhone 4 reality

CommentThose are just the facts. The truth is very different

Treasury pulls plug on Wiki-cutback site

Send us an email

Data Domain gets Nehalem boost

Doubled mainstream deduplication performance

MS confirms Windows shortcut zero-day flaw

Power Plant peril

NASA's WISE eyes skies

Wraps first complete heavenly survey

BT hikes call charges

10% rise hits home phone customers

LG readies 3D laptop

Talks up specs not specs

YouTube, iPlayer on a TV? Simples

You don't need a mega set top box...

Xmas kicks off on 2 August

Selfridges heads towards year-long Yule

Mozilla sextuples bug bounty to $3,000

Firefox and hounds

Steve Jobs morphs into Darth Vader

VidLightsabre resolves Judas Phone antenna issue

Ten... Premium iPod Speakers

Product Round-upSuperior sounds up to 11

UK retailers want more XBox 360 stock. Now!

Early doors may cut BBC licence fee in 2012

Culture minister says 'tough discussions' to follow

Vatican Google-bombed over weekend

Google points Holysee-kers to

German webcam hack perv suspect cuffed

Purportedly peeped at people in pants

The Register comment guidelines 2010

Care and feeding of the forums

Well-behaved comms industry bad for Ofcom coffers

Luckily, it's not about revenue

Secret sub tech hints at spooks' TEMPEST-busting bugs

Farnborough'Other UK gov parties' wanted details suppressed

Sky in talks to sell Easynet, claim insiders

ExclusiveManagement buyout chatter

Seagate intros networked storage for the home

No crash safeguards

Nokia (Siemens) snaps up Motorola (infrastructure)

The circle gets a little smaller

Nine nations to get Apple iPad on Friday

Still no sign of a key accessory, though

Government WEEE's advisory board on quango bonfire

IP policy org also up for chop

HP, Red Hat chase Solaris shops

Dead Oracle OEM contract backlash

Tim Kring and Nokia pose interactive tale of good vs ludicrously evil

Be good, or go to Hell

Flaw could expose 'millions' of home routers

Rebind variant plays Jedi mind trick on home comms kit

Pirate Bay owners fined by Dutch court

But I thought Holland was such a tolerant place etc

Phonemakers cry foul on Steve Jobs 'We're all alike' attack

Judas Phone's 'self-made debacle'

Symbian puts another deck chair on the Titanic

iPhone and Android devs beckoned

Blog service shut down by order of US law enforcement

Move shrouded in secrecy

RNA rejiggers server memory pooling

Better performance, simpler pricing

IBM zEnterprise 196 mainframe due July 22

Mainframe-blade interconnect

HP files webOS tablet trademark

Steve Jobs ain't gonna like it

IBM wrings more profit from revived IT market

UK (still) soaring like a BRIC

Microsoft's Iron languages embrace 'official' open source

Python, Ruby and DLR conversions

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