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16th > July > 2010 Archive

Cloudera Hadoop plugs trunk into Netezza iron

Stuffed elephant meets data warehousing

NEC flies into synchrotron sun

Work de SOLEIL

Teufel System 5 home cinema speakers

ReviewSound choice for movie buffs?

Futurologist warns of malevolent dust menace

It'll get right up your nose

Frenchman takes the helm at Sage

Geordie beancounters get new patron

Reg hack gives forth in Wikipedia doco

Cade Metz surprisingly plausible, admits Wikimaniac

French website surrenders on Bastille Day

Citizens crash official new portal

Job sites slam domain name land grab

Dot-jobs plan 'reeks'

Nokia, Apple and Sudden Extinction Events

When the reaper calls...

End of Microsoft NHS deal means mass deletions

Special home user deals now null and void

iPhone 4 fix to centre on software, negate need for recall

Spinning begins

LPG lake on Titan evaporating in scorchio -180°C heatwave

Lake turns to barbecue gas in Saturn's barbecue summer

Sharp shows 128GB Blu-ray recorder

Has 2TB of HDD storage too

Government's sh*tty-Wiki sh*ts bed

Where o where can I speak my racist brains now?

Nimble does nifty combined storage backup box

Flash and SATA iSCSI array

Windows Shortcut Flaw underpins power plant Trojan

Dangerous lnk to spying

Microsoft bags DARPA boffin to head research unit

But will Redmond balloons take flight?

Paul Allen pledges philanthropy for ever

Death will not wither me

BOFH: Little ups and downs

Episode 8Your hate is lifting me higher

God-blocking web filter ironically hard to find

Wait to download, O ye of little faith

Council wins motorbike charges case

Parking charges legit for motorbikes

Of hybrid hard drives and capacity boosts

Coughlin's cogitations

World PC sales jumped up in Q2

East beats West

Street View's Wayne and Garth: The most excellent truth

El Reg names spandex-clad Plymouth lads

Underground tunnel complexes FOUND ON MOON

Boffins offer 'lava' thesis, poohpooh alien/Elvis theories

iPad 'cannibalised' Q2 netbook sales

But will the surge last?

Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB

ReviewLeaner, fitter and Kinect ready

iPhone customers lay into Apple after iOS 4.0.1 update fails to install

Hubbbbba, hubbbbba, Number nine, number Hubbba

Our Vulture 1 aircraft begins to take shape

Fuselage assembly snaps for your viewing pleasure

Pirate Party storms out of uber-secret ACTA negotiations

ACTA in haste, repent at leisure?

Email hack Labour councillor stays after suspension

Pry my seat from my cold dead buttocks

Global warming brings peace and happiness

From the Chinese Dept of the Bleeding Obvious

New Jersey car prang woman blames carjacking

Oh alright then - I was having sex when I hit the tree

Blizzard comes out clean after WoW pants-down plans

Mild wrist-slap after threat to expose goblins

Dell proposes settlement with SEC

Ball in Uncle Sam's court

Apple greenlights browserless Firefox app for iPhone

No pooping on Jobsian lawn

'Eternal' sun-plane still aloft after 7 days, aiming for 14

Would be nice to see how it does at mid winter

Daily Mail promotes 'the new Betamax'

Poles and Punjabis penetrate Middle England

Fusion-io IPO may be coming

Good Q4 and incorporation HQ change

HP 'delays' Android tablet after death of Windows slate

OK. webOS. And this time we mean it

Firefox joins Microsoft in uncool kids class

Open...and ShutChrome hangs out, looks good

Steve Jobs denies Judas Phone antenna problems

But fanbois get free bumpers

Google bags Metaweb for search future

The web is more than words

SugarCRM sweet on Microsoft's Azure cloud

PHP app turns Windows fluffer

Linux to eclipse Microsoft's 'all-in' tablet enthusiasm

Poll finds for Android, Chrome OS, MeeGo

HP's Palm bid beat Apple, Google, RIM, says report

Wooing worthy of a soap opera

Google Nexus One spends dying days as dev phone

Final shipment arrives in Mountain View

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