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14th > July > 2010 Archive

Intel calls end to server sales drought

Thanks to Google, Facebook, Amazon, MSN...

Firefox engine outraces self after Jäger shot

SpiderMonkey amps up

MySQLers mixed on Ellison's ownership

Forkers no shoo in

IBM preps z11 'system of systems' mainframe

Zooner zan zometime in ze zecond half

Cyberpower Ultra Scylla six-core AMD PC

ReviewSome kind of monster?

Labour clings to the good old days

Online biogs in denial

Wales joins supercomputer club

£40m project

eBay whacked with giant patent suit

How much for the troll?

IBM's new water-cooled supercomputer fires up

Oh it warms the heart. And other bits

Patch Tuesday sounds death knell for Win XP SP2

Hasta la vista

Digital ad portrayed Catholic Queen as 'flesh-eating zombie'

ASA worries about children - 'heretics' not so much

Ex-MI6 officer admits attempt to sell secrets

UpdatedDodges theft rap, but faces jail

Seagate announces ugly diskless NAS filer

Nice price though

Give a little love

Sysadmin blogHolding hands and stroking egos is good business

Pressure mounts on Apple to recall iPhone 4

Replace phone, rescue reputation, say PR boffins

3D is headache for six million Brits

Blurry vision

Sony reveals lens-swap camcorder

Un-wrap party for 14Mp HD video cam

LaCie cues up unbreakable Flash drive

Captain Scarlet's favourite?

Canon ups camcorder capacity

Legria line extended

Office 2010 retail sales shaken, not stirred

Boxed software not flying off shelves, says NPD analyst

LaCie touts tough truck-resistant flash drive for tough guys

Laughs in face of pressure, heat, water; has actual hairy chest

Loons speak brains on gov Treasury crowdsource site

This is all going marvellously well

Virgin eyes legal challenge to Canvas

Set to request Ofcom probe

Kingston SSDNow V+ 512GB solid-state drive

ReviewSerious capacity... serious price

Sluggish corporates ill-prepared for death of Win XP SP2 support

AnalysisExpect attackable vulns to accumulate, warn security watchers

'Russian spy' was MS software tester

US ejects 12th man

Symbian Titanic heading for iceberg

Nokia deserves much of the blame

Thieves steal 3,000 laptops from US Special Ops contractor

9-hour military operation burglary

India to place $11bn order for AIP hi-tech submarines

Nazi style super-U-boat kit finally spreading

Storage vendors are in VMware beauty contest

New vStorage APIs cement control

Gay teen mag closure sparks privacy fears

Whose data is it anyway?

Double whammy: The music tax based on deep packet inspection

A cure that kills the patient?

Sepp Blatter dubbed 'Bellend' by SA gov website

Copywriter to get red card for bio foul-up?

Bookie takes wagers on iPhone 4 recall

'Never tell me the odds'

IBM opens up beta for AIX 7

Pushing Power7 chips to the limits

Jobsian remote access app comes to Android

LogMeIn without an iPhone

Amazon sounds death knell for rocket-science grids

CommentClustered instances semi standard

Apple acquisition points to Google Maps divorce

Poly9, playing for time

Top Solaris developer flees Oracle

OpenSolaris board threatens ritual suicide

Opera Mini de-betas on Android

Default browser, anyone?

Google tests multiple accounts in single browser

Enables Googly schizophrenia

IDC: Second quarter PC sales hit the bull's eye

Consumers wane as corporates wax

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