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12th > July > 2010 Archive

Major Microsoft re-org to avert Windows' cloud cannibalization

ExclusiveTalisker money maker for on-premises Azure

Ten Essential... Budget Compact Cameras

Product Round-upSummer snappers for less than 150 quid

Bidding for rivals' AdWords can be infringement, sometimes

Ads origin must be clear

Hillier appeals to transgender community to save ID cards

Two-for-one deal

Famous 'Invisible Gorilla' trick vid gets sequel

Unexpected results of expecting unexpectedness

One experience fits all

Sysadmin blogIn which Trevor's little things delight users

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

ReviewQuick fire insight

Apple ranks first in surging security bug count

3rd party, fire and theft

Child protection campaigners claim hollow victory over Facebook

Optional 'panic button' agreed

Bendy bike inventor scores design prize win

The cycle that can be wrapped round a lamppost - intentionally

Five quits Project Cartel

Canvas too pricey for skint channel

Cotswold police stage panty ID parade

Anything you say will be taken down...

Gateway readies mass notebook release

Big screens and small screens

Microsoft holds hands with Fujitsu in data centre deal, says report

All about plumping up fluffy clouds

Ireland to block EU-Israel data hoover

Fears over passport shenanigans

'Holland wins World Cup' declares CBSNews


Life on Earth gets wiped out every 27 million years, say boffins

'Nemesis' dark star theory poohpooh'd, though

Five pulls out of Project Canvas

Hasn't the cash to contribute?

Identity management is a pain in the backside

WorkshopDo you work here? And other important questions

Martha Lane Fox to clone 10m copies of self

Well, not really

It's not the end for stop and search

CommentSection 44 is dead, long live section...

Abu Hamza ruling clarifies McKinnon case

UFO hacker extradition bid even less to do with terrorism

Intel boffins usher era of 'I know who you are' TV

AI team forecasts remotes that control your viewing

Iomega eGo Desktop USB 3.0 external HDD

ReviewFaster, master

Huawei could reorganize to win Sprint deal

Must compromise to appease US and Indian security

Aurora - a Microsoft cloud server for the small guy?

The party line's a hard thing to break

China gives Google nod of approval, renews licence

Beijing satisfied with Mountain View's concessions

Distie thief gets 14 months despite CPS 'incompetence'

4-year delay 'a disgrace'

Drive suppliers hit capacity increase difficulties

PMR or HAMR for your platter?

Ballmer: Windows Mobile lost a 'whole generation'

Rolling lucky sevens for phones and tablets

Apple quietly extends first-gen Time Capsule warranty

About time...

Crackdown 2

ReviewA short sequel to satisfy shooters?

MP3tunes offers tuneful truce to Apple and Google

'Buy anywhere, listen everywhere'

Consumer Reports: 'We were wrong about the iPhone 4'

Yes, the antenna sucks

Google fashions Android dev kit for dummies (from Scratch)

Man warns 'priesthood of programming'

Microsoft's earthbound server chums fluff Redmond cloud

Dell, HP, and Fujitsu package Windows Azure

Gulf spill to annihilate all earthlings, says seer

Mass extinction all Blighty's fault

Why Microsoft took its cloud private

Analysis'Mi Azure es su Azure'

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