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9th > July > 2010 Archive

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro Symbian smartphone

ReviewOut of touch?

Australia unbans the internet

Delays compulsory filters

NSA: Secret 'Perfect Citizen' project does not spy on US

Merely 'provides technological solutions'

Maude talks cost cutting with ICT suppliers seeks efficiency and savings

Oracle bricks up BI customers

Serves up more elevenses

Council websites falter on business services

Only 5% compliant with EU directive

BT settles pay row with union

Stand down, brothas

Windows Help update stars in MS Patch Tuesday

3 critical, 1 important address 2 zero-days

Ofcom: Mobe numbers to be ported within a working day

PACs to be issued by SMS within 2 hours, too

For sale: Dr No's Scottish bunker complex

Lounge, 2 bedrooms, 9,000 sq ft subterranean lair

Malaysian politico gets knighted in Photoshop

Her Maj in fake honour snap shocker

ISPs mark disapproval of the Digital Economy Bill

Mandy roasted at 2010 Awards ceremony

Piles for Windows - a pain in the arse?

Sitting comfortably? Not for long

Europe approves mass data transfer to US

Data hoover helped catch suspects in Norway

Waterfall Niagara speakers

ReviewHow does 25 grand's worth of speaker sound?

Hup Holland, viva España

Dr Stats' head says Holland, heart says Spain

Motorola flips out candybar Android Twitterphone

Will Charm win over BlackBerry buffs?

Lindsay Lohan: The interactive court drama

An awful lot of crying in YouTube vid tomfoolery

Dell exec questions's 'value proposition'

Government shuns Dell in talks over ICT spending cuts

China renews Google's internet licence

Mountain View outsources censorship to Beijing

iPhone 4 burns, hurts owner

His hand or his pride?

T-Mobile tardily talks iPhone 4 tariffs

How low do they go?

Business guru tries to silence bloggers over 'misleading' mailshot

ASA aware and investigating

.NET spell-checker trips over hypenation

Does have integratet libaries and htesaurus, though

Reverse engineer extracts Skype crypto secret recipe

VoIP service mulls legal action

El Reg marks Steve Jobs for termination

Irate Yank claims assassination conspiracy

New dinosaur dubbed 'Mojoceratops' - 'over a few beers'

'S'posed to use Greek, but this seemed more fun. Hic'

Treasury turns to Facebook for cut plans

For f*ck's sake Osborne

'Bitter' priest blows $1.3m of church funds

'Swanky hotels and male escorts'

Parliament misled over Climategate report, says MP

Russell report is inadequate, says Stringer

Russian spies dumped in Vienna after swap

Moscow should've just looked on the net, claims lawyer

Telco sets honey pot for nuisance marketers

Call centre spivs get dose of their own medicine

The weekend Brocade rumour

Three potential buyers

Rockstar reveals Red Dead refreshments

More content for cowboy crazy gamers

Rockstar Social Club goes Red Dead

Compete against the Rockstar team

RIM nemesis slaps patent suit on Apple, Google, Microsoft...

NTP. They're baaaack

Web happy iPhone dev kit grants free evals

Jobsian vision

Google versus Facebook: stop your photocopiers

Open...and ShutBattle beyond Windows, Jobs, and Linux

Apple bars radiation nanny from App Store

Jobsian police in shock moment of sanity

Yahoo!: the future is HTML5 (plus native code)

Whatever Google says

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