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2nd > July > 2010 Archive

Leica Pinmaster rangefinder

ReviewThe ultimate weapon for golf war veterans?

World Cup meltdown fails to materialise

System built to survive nuclear war withstands England exit

Gartner cuts tech spending forecast

Sovereign debt lowers outlook

Numara Software blows asset tracking trumpet

CommentMaybe it's the wrong tune?

Beeb reinstates teaboy in Pestogate scandal

Auntie gives El Reg a two-finger salute

Buffalo ships iPhone/HDD dock

Cradle your drive and your phone

Microsoft's past - the future to Android's iPhone victory

Lessons from a Jobsian battle

Sony tweaks Twitter gadget for UK users

Dash across the Atlantic

Popular apps don't bother with Windows defences

No belt, no braces

Strato-droids to mate in upper atmos, exchange vital juices

Kill-machines less and less dependent on fleshy slaves

Paraguayan model to strip if team wins World Cup

NSFWNo chance, sadly

BCS votes to keep spending secret

Confidence motion shows little confidence

Three intros bumper phone tariff


Google's remote Android app installer explained

Phone downloads powered from desktop

Last shuttle mission shifted to Feb 2011

NASA firms up dates for final two flights

Microsoft goes AC/DC with Instaload battery tech

Patented battery contact design

Apple iPhone 4

ReviewMachined to perfection?

China hits back at EC dumping probe

Wide-area modem pricing in the frame

Dell orchestrates Scalent buy

We'll have that data centre co-ordination software

'Unlimited' ads are dumb and misleading, says 3


US $250m superbomber 'almost as good' as $8m robot

Top US general Petraeus in bitchslap for 'Bones'

Computer grads can't even get jobs offering personal services

Media studies a better jobs bet

Extreme porn now illegal north of the border

Scotland falls into line

'Huge airships to carry freight starting 10 years from now'

Ex top boffin's amazing claim

Apple denies iPhone 4 antenna glitch, blames inaccurate signal bars

Bad sums not bad thumbs

Apple speaks out on iPhone 4 signal slippage

Reception formula is 'totally wrong'

OFT to disqualify unwitting directors to deter competition abuses

Innocence won't make you innocent now

Scroogle's future in doubt

Google shimmies again to avoid privacy proxy

Why we love to hate Microsoft

Roadmap to fandom

OpenOffice gets Ubuntu-media friendly

GStreamer build

Apple's iPhone 4 denial: insulting or ignorant?

CommentReg readers, go to work

Robotic cargo spacecraft misses rendezvous with ISS

Zooms past as crew members watch

IT insider admits stealing info for 2,000 bank employees

Makes off with $1.1m

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