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29th > June > 2010 Archive

Microsoft's Windows 8 goals revealed

Fast-boot slate, cloud services

Red Hat fights Microsoft for cloud profits

CommentPennies from open-source Heaven

Gateway DS50 Core i3 desktop PC

ReviewSmall footprint, big impression?

Hoodies swipe bus for YouTube joyride

Video captures double-decker destructive jaunt

Nirvanix offers cloud taster to nervous customers

Hybrid private/public cloud with outsourcing

House of Commons to digitise parliamentary questions

'We'll get it right this time'

Europe approves US mass data grab

Feds get all our bank info

Notorious Kraken botnet rises from the ashes

With help from Eboc gang

Flying car gets helpful road-kit weight exemption from feds

Terrafugia gets headroom for airbags, crumple zones etc

HTC posts Android 2.1 update for Hero phone


Developers plug critical PNG graphic bug

Potential problem nipped in the bud

Bono doubles down on Facebook

It's no secret at all

Microsoft badmouths Google competition - again

'Get your superior customer service here, darlink'

Romford coppers try to stopper young snapper

'You can't just go round taking photos'

Google opens Docs to iOS crowd

View only, though

Let’s hear it for service centricity

Do all roads lead to services?

It's non-stop fun in Zero Carbon Britain, 2030

CommentWhat do the Greens have in store?

China threatens Google's internet licence over HK redirect

Mountain View tells Beijing, go censor yourself

Secret docs reveal Dell knew PCs were faulty

Welcome to a world of lawyers

SkyFire massacres own proxies

Too much content, can't cope - on the way out?

Security - policies, processes and people

WorkshopHow much is good enough?

Secret ancient code, basis of all modern civilisation, cracked

'As big as Jesus' diary' claims ex IT-guy prof

RIM BlackBerry Pearl 3G phone

ReviewRedesigned keypad that's strikingly familiar

Hadoop goes 'open core' with Cloudera Enterprise

Hadoop SummitAll-star startup fattens stuffed elephant

Google wonk buzzes off to Facebook... bitch

VMware vet also makes move to Web2.0 mothership

Nasa returns to the moon... in 3D game

Grand Theft Astro, anyone?

Confidential report reveals ContactPoint security fears

ICO orders much-delayed publication

Russian spy ring bust uncovers tech toolkit

Feds flush flame-haired femme fatale

Seagate reveals 'first' 3TB external desktop drive

Storage monster

HDS flashes pay-per-use private cloud storage

PFT we say

iPhone 4 Sim shrink sorrow solved

Trim your Sim

BBC grabs stock photo of own building

I can't be arsed walking outside. Check Getty Images...


Shootin' through spacetime

Oracle adds Fibre Channel to 7000

Doubles capacity as well

Obama okays spectrum auction

Nothing comes for free, see

SAP hit by competition complaint

Just the same as Microsoft in 2004

Online ads need standards

US body says time to raise the bar

Baidu begins search for Silicon Valley talent

Go long, John!

Google's Wi-Fi snoop prompts Early Day Motion

We're watching you, watching us

Data slicer cuts itself off from hardware

Cleversafe serves up software-only licenses

MIT boffins exhibit self-forming 'programmable matter'

VidNext: Terminator 2 robot blob-assassins multitools

Qualcomm looks to emerging markets to up Brew

New lease of life in mass market 3G

White Space delivers green tech to Sierra Nevada Mountains

Spectrum Bridge brings trial networks to mountain folk

Stayin' alive: Ten years of Linux on the mainframe

CommentHow an odd couple lasted

Mozilla turns out Firefox 4 beta candidate builds

UpdatedRIP Firefox 3.7

Adobe pushes out emergency patch for Reader apps

Authplay peril purged

Double-Take helps Microsoft Flex HPC muscles

Diskless iSCSI booties

Yahoo! girds Google's bastard grid child

Hadoop SummitOpen sources Hadoop with Security

iPhone consumed by solar 'death ray'

Touching destruction

Jobs' solo Flashturbation lent unlikely second hand

Pr0n makes strange HTML5 bedfellows

Disgruntled fanbois sought for iPhone 4 Apple prosecution

Owners with thumbs wanted

Yahoo! brews HTML5 mail for iPhone

Hadoop SummitWhen the App Store punts urls

Apachesourcers claw out major Tomcat revision

Need for speed felt

Amazon punts Kindleware for Androids

Available worldwide. Within limits

Pillar Data ditches staffers, shrugs

Ain't no thing

Cisco uncloaks Android video tablet for suits

C U looking at Cius

Seagate's 3TB external drive

New 3.5 inch areal density heights

Twitter to open source MySQL-to-Hadoop tool

Hadoop SummitData Crane

InfiniBand to outpace Ethernet's unstoppable force

CommentRun faster or be crushed

Verizon iPhone set for January touchdown?

Hyperactive déjà vumor mill

New project leader wears the Fedora

Taking over for 'Laughlin' 14 release

LCD maker cops to international price-fixing conspiracy

Apple, Dell, HP bilked

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