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28th > June > 2010 Archive

Reseller'n'hosting specialist offshores jobs

2e2 support goes to India

Privacy watchdogs: Silence isn't cookie consent

Thumbs up required

Maude calls for public choice on open data

Pick what you want to see

Ten Essential... Travel Speakers

Product Round-upThe acme of alfresco audio

Does business really care about security?

Workshop Poll ResultsOr is it just feigning interest?

Oklahoma granny sues cops over tasering

Bedridden octogenarian pulled knife, police claim

Moz tweaks extension crash controls in Firefox

45 seconds to twitch

BT boss brands Britain illiterate

Schools a disgrace

Southpaws up in arms over iPhone 4

Two fingers to Jobs' 'get a grip' advice

Google can kill or install apps on citizen Androids

Vanished 'RootStrap' masqueraded as movie preview

'Industry giant' fragged UK games developer tax break

Website claims govt bowed to big-player pressure

Amazon slips video into Apple's e-books

Print is so 20th Century

128GB BD-R disc is go

High-capacity XL spec approved

Indian firm offshores to Belfast

Euro HQ should bring 85 development jobs

WTF is... Project Canvas?

A good thing, we say

Dell punts SIM-free Streak

For Sale. One MID. No Network ties

BT Vision signs contract for Sky Sports channels

Good day to sell football

Duff French missiles for Royal Navy finally fixed

New £1bn destroyers get post-1940s weaponry at last

DIY white iPhone 4 guide posted

Build your own

Brazilian banker's crypto baffles FBI

18 months of failure

Skype boosts results for exclusive operators

3 UK says 80% of its Skypephone customers are new, and have low churn

Packard Bell EasyNote LM 17in laptop

ReviewBig screen for small pockets

Daily Mail breaks iPhone 4 recall scoop

Twatted by Twitter

Apple feels heat from Germany for geo-tracking i-customers

Jobsian ball crosses data line (maybe)

Knowing your GPPs from your GPSes

Sysadmin BlogAdvanced group policy management in Windows

Power line tech could crash aircraft and shut down the Archers

Ofcom admits Anti-interference legislation needed

Dell in late payment Hall of Shame

Small biz suffers from corporate sloth

Apple: we've sold a lot of iPhone 4s

More than 1.7m, apparently

Observer columnist in online porn mixup

ICANN? I can't

Does anyone really want to embed dedupe code?

CommentOcarina and Permabit's prospects limited

Microsoft PR boss sweats in face of Apollo Creed Apple, Google... world

'Be a thinker not a stinker'

Chinese military banned from blogging

No online romance either for PLA personnel

Comet-bomb interceptor makes low pass above Atlantic

Earthy speed to get probe 'up close and personal'

Plastic Logic still ain't got a Que

Great PR, cool technology, but no e-reader

International Cricket 2010

Wicked hit or hit wicket?

Samsung intros long-life mini-laptop

Netbook plus?

FTC kills ingenious micro-payment scam

Steal little from lots of people

Sepaton's virtualisation surge

Cloud, storage pooling and multi-tenancy

Spoof beer ad mocks England footie flops

Brimming with sarcasm

Chrome squeaks past Safari in US

Battle of the also-rans

Nokia demos finger flicking exercise for iPhone 4 users

Just hold us, beg Finns

iPhone 4 parts cost $188 says pre-hyped report

You've bought the accessories, now buy the write-up

First MeeGo Linux needs love and scrub up

ReviewFiddly, slow, but pleasing

CPU, GPU makers gussie up their wares for Hot Chips

This is still Silicon Valley

Hybrid hard drives: what's not to like?

A flash stash for little cash

More iPhone 4 angst: fanbois howl over head sensor

'The worst experience I've had so far'

Yes, software can be patented, US Supremes say

'Machine-or-transformation' test not only game in town

Oracle refreshes Sun Xeon server lineup

AMD not invited to the party

Rancid IE6 'more secure' than Chrome and Opera US bank says

Suck it up, or swallow: customer choice

Verizon slashes Microsoft Kin phone prices

Vultures seen circling

Secrecy fetish drove Steve Jobs' analytics bust

Flurry: 'We're in no violation'

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