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10th > June > 2010 Archive

Bug gives attackers complete control of Windows PCs

Hijacking Microsoft's Help and Support

Google mobile ad chief fires back at Apple lockout

Jobs plays hardball in walled garden

LG 42LE5900


Panasonic Viera TX-L32D28


Samsung LE40C650


Sony Bravia KDL-32EX703


Toshiba Regza 40RV753


Freeview HD integrated TVs

Group TestSix tellies for your World Cup viewing pleasure

Buyer's Guide: Freeview HD TVs

Group TestHow to make your choice

Sharp Aquos LC-46LE821E


Freeview HD TVs: Best Buys

Group TestOur top tellies

Links to blog in email made sender liable, says US court

Defamatory content 'published'

CBI calls for other people to suffer cuts

Bosses blame public sector

On Demand and over here

Live NowThe IT revolution in your back yard

Slack backup leaves Brits exposed to data loss

The virus ate my holiday snaps

Ireland publishes proposed data breach notification rules

More than 100 spills and you've got to mop up

Campaign for Brian Blessed to do a voice over for my satnav

Turn by Turn beardie shouting

Holistic, end-to-end, consolidated service management-itis

LabWhatever you call it, does it actually matter?

Sarah Palin 'boob job' debate dominates US right - and left

Fill, baby, fill

BCS civil war heats up ahead of crunch general meeting

Cavaliers vs Roundheads

Tories declare students a burden on us all

Nasty party back to being nasty

Brocade One to optimise data centres

CommentBrocade moves to cloud big leagues

Robobeachcop demands licence from Poole snapper

Personal use does not compute

Google spymobile snaps self jumping to light speed

Orwellian Opel goes interdimensional

Amazing 'pulse of darkness' ray tech birthed in US gov labs

IT use: Turns itself off then on again very quickly

Cloud computing, eBooks - no thanks (or not just yet)

Canny UK consumers are wary

Microsoft's Bing grabs hold of Zuckerberg's firehose

Brings Facebook to party... bitch unplugs Lane Fox digiquango

'I've been asked to do a more roving role'

Sony 3D TV kit, PS3 games released tomorrow

But bundles less than generous

Lambeth Labour party in email tapping row

Suspends councillor in leak probe

Spotify available on TV

In Sweden, anyways

Mozilla dons grass skirt with near-ready Thunderbird 3.1 release

Lanikai prepares to hula into town

ToryDems stoke ID card 'bonfire'

Terminate ID commssioner and temps

Tequila botnet auto-destructs

Cover blown, ends it all

BP targets Twitter to clean up oil spill

More PR brilliance

Key Star Trek tri-corder boffinry breakthrough

Casanova magnet could also mean quantoputers

Small biz quakes as Budget shadow looms

Nightstalker Osborne is not your friend

Home Office launches urgent review of illegal police stop'n'search

29 Days Slater

Virtualizing the hard stuff

Live NowCritical apps and databases

BT union negotiations sour

Strike gets closer

Penguin chief: Linux must 'out fabulous' Apple's iPhone

Steve Jobs stands alone

O2 to step back from unlimited mobile data deals

Tighter data plans to debut alongside iPhone 4

US weighs up probes for Apple ad biz checkup - report

'Bout time someone stuck up for MS and Google

Phoenix's virtualization tech flies to HP

BIOS company gets back to basics

Aus gov shakes up cyberdefence strategy

AusCERT: Dead

Red Hat notches up another KVM cloud win

Going Dutch

WD ships storage to the Macs

Apple fans brought to MyBook

Microhoo set for holiday debut

All I want for Christmas is my Yabing

Google polishes its Microsoft browser

Chrome Frame – now with more unrequited IE love

Judge limits DHS warrantless laptop searches

'Extended border search' - Not!

Fanbois howl over 'hang a lot' Safari 5

Install Firefox and other fixes

Drupal clarifies security rules after White-House gaper

Incomplete code - you have been warned

Mozilla girds Firefox with 'hang detector'

They're down with OOPP. And then some

iPhone manufacturer to shutter China factories

Foxconn idles up to 800,000

Adobe plugs critical Flash Player hole

More than 30 others patched too

Microsoft says XP netbooks die on October 22

There's always China

HP preps (more) Opteron 6100 racks and blades

Whither 4100 baby boxes?

Adobe debuts What Jobs Hates™ v10.1

New Flash for non-iPhones

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