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8th > June > 2010 Archive

Researchers release point-and-click website exploitation tool

'Tons' of vulnerable sites

Apple debuts Safari 5 for Mac and Windows

JavaScript boost, extensions, 'article' reader

Asigra extends into the cloud

White box online backup for laptops

Steve Irwin surveillance-crocodiles travel across oceans

Croc-botherer devised 'innovative capture techniques'

Jobs: iPhone sales spank Android

'You will read this survey. And only this survey'

TomTom Start2 satnav

ReviewStart trek, the next generation

VM6 Software punts Hyper-V wrangler

How to tame your hypervisor

Nominet announces Baroness as new chair

Rennie Fritchie to head Board of dot-uk registry

Defra spent £82m with IBM last year

More than next two suppliers combined

Military sat supplier buys UK crypto disc firm

Belt and braces

Emulex buys ServerEngines

Big money for small storage company

PC sales boast record quarter

Compared to awful start to '09 admittedly

Public backs pirate punishment - poll

Freetards find little sympathy, much indifference

iPhone 4 splashes down on both sides of the pond

Pre-orders open June 15, but no carrier exclusive

Resurrecting old jargon

LabBI versus decision support?

EDS' dodgy Sky contract costs HP £318m

That's a lot of HD boxes

Orange, O2 to offer iPhone 4 on 24 June

Vodafone too

New cycle helmets emit stench if they need replacement

Skid-lid bonk-stink crack tech cracked in Germany

Sony readies family friendly touchscreen PC


Stephen Fry's truly terrible mistake

OpinionDAB Profundis

Orange Power Wellies: march and charge your mobe

Boot 'em up

Council staff helping selves to data

Security breaches up sixfold

ID card scheme barely broke 13,000 mark, minister confirms

Wishful counting by previous incumbents?

How to organise that World Cup pub crawl

Handy app for catching matches

Hackers plant malware on Jerusalem Post website

Scattergun opportunists

Tesco IT director gets top job

Sir Terry hands down the golden Clubcard

Microsoft starts Office Web Apps roll out

Hopes SkyDrive service won't nosedive

Yahoo! signs up Becks as footie pundit

World! Cup! Marketing! Yay! etc

British Library sinks beneath Strategy Boutique spam

Can it tell the difference?

Smartphones to outsell PCs by 2012

Online advertising worth $50bn a year in US

BT betters pay offer under strike threat

UpdatedDangles 3% rise over workers

SA vultures under threat from brain-smoking gamblers

World Cup moron antics may lead to extinction

China sidesteps Great Firewall with web roadmap

They fluffing love it

Sony BDV-E370 Blu-ray home cinema kit

ReviewSee no evil, hear no evil

Painting for Emos

'I cut my wrist in a school bathroom'

The World's best World Cup Calendar (maybe)

Flashy match tracker

Microsoft pushes WP7 plans for enterprise

Struggles to shout about iPhone racket

Operators' EU roaming challenge sent home

Caps on roaming are legal and proportionate. Sorry

New laser raygun tech: Our sharks kick the tyres

'Molten wax' energy backblast preventer checked out

Ten Essential World Cup Apps

Product Round-upAndroid 5, iOS 5

Apple adds 'make the web go away' button to Safari 5

Ads, branding, icky typefaces disappeared by Reader

DHS deploys HD 'video quilting' chandeliers in Boston

'You can zoom in close... AND CLOSER'

Symbian integrates Chinese search

And a font, but not for showing results

Murdoch taps Telegraph for new tech boss

Another brickie for the paywall

Strathclyde Police website pulled offline, possible hack probed

A bad case of robint-hitus?

China net addicts' great escape foiled by taxi drivers

Jail breakers silenced commandant with duvet

Adobe lines up emergency Flash fix

Reader and Acrobat fixes to follow

Art and engineering: do they mix? Yes they do!

Scientific award for outstanding artwork

Unix in the UK: Mission critical!

Report shows cost worries among IT managers

Pro Gamers: Brains the size of a planet and lungs the size of a pea

Young men resemble 60 yr-old chain smokers

Apple lifted 'make web go away' button from open source

And that's news to the open sourcers

Conviction and confusion in Microsoft's cloud strategy

Microsoft TechEdWith progress comes ambiguity

Safari purged of decade-old browser history leak

Free at last

Turkey bans Google Books, Google Docs, Google Translate...

Collateral damage from YouTube snuff?

Novell wants a piece of Sun Oracle

Get in line, behind everyone else

Safari 5 off to Apple's traditional rough start

UpdatedThird-party devs take the blame

BP grabs 'oil spill' keywords on Google

Ads serve lovely Gulf of Mexico pics

Apple releases moving pictures of Steve Jobs keynote

You too can witness reality distortion

Major League Baseball hunts for trolls posting porn

Seeks subpoena naming anonymous genitalia uploaders

England win World Cup, says dried vulture brain

It's a kind of footie muti magic

Storage shop ParaScale shrinks itself

Reconfigured after failed B-round

Bank of America insider admits he stole sensitive customer data

Account balances under $100,000 need not apply

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