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1st > June > 2010 Archive

Intel puts x64 in a parallel universe

Taking the MIC out of Larrabee

Fraudsters limber up for World Cup themed scams

Can I click it? Yes you can (but probably shouldn't)

Bangladesh cuts off Facebook

You draw Mohammed and we'll rub you out

Capita pays £60m for medico screening firm

Claims interest no accident

Hitachi touts skinny drives for skinny devices

Who needs flash?

Net shakeup looms as IPv4 resources start running low

AnalysisThere's a bit of unused space, just behind the sofa

Sadsack EU regulator relegated to Latvia

BEREC office now 900 miles down the corridor

Hitachi launches Blu-Ray-SSD hybrid drive

HyDrive is go

Should we be encrypting backups?

WorkshopIt’s about the restore, stupid

Action day targets callous conmen

Gunning for the grifters

Firefox takes walk down 64-bit Windows street

Strictly developer-only playground for now

Confessions of a sysadmin

BlogI found a virus on my network today…

Skype to start charging for iPhone VoIP

Over 3G, on the iPhone

Apple sells 2m iPads to hungry fanbois

Early adopters 'experience the magic'

Senior IT officials among top paid civil servants

Lend us a fiver then

SanDisk soups up SSD storage to 256GB

Double trouble

Met lab claims 'biggest breakthrough since Watergate'

Power lines act as police informers

Rave reviews at robotic robot-roaster raygun rollout

US Navy in hot, wet droid-on-droid blaster action

MSI Wind U160

ReviewNifty netbook

Quit Facebook Day flops

Breaking the habit ain't easy

Woman sues Google after highway knockdown

Did it say play with the traffic?

Google tells staff to snub Windows after China hack snafu

Will boarding up windows make Chrome shine?

Apple opens doors to vanity publishers

Fancy getting published on the iPad?

JBL flogs monster speakers at monster prices

Speakers that roar, refined for the home?

Windows Mobile Trojan frags gamers

Premium-rate calls on the sly

Tesco to flog secondhand games

Behemoth spies fresh meat

NHS is top sector for data losses

300 breaches in 3 years

Audi dreams up App Store for user-designed cars

'Create your own world in your car'

US space dirty-tricks spysat spying sat is go for July

Crafty Antipodean orbit shifts now harder to manage

HP to fire 9,000 due to 'productivity gains, automation'

Not automatic for the people, then

Acer revs up Ferrari smartphone

Vroom vroom

Panasonic hybrid compact is so bright!


Bing on iPhone rumor returns to boil

Apple and MS 'still talking'

Mac spyware infiltrates popular download sites

'Very serious security threat'

Microsoft and Novell tag team on HPC

CommentWindows on the supercomputing world

ATIC pumps another $2.8bn into GlobalFoundries

Transmuting oil into chips

Adobe unveils emag maker for Apple iPad

Flashless rag tech graces sacred App Store

Microsoft: IE6 lives 'cause it busts Facebook

'But our duty is to kill it'

'Clickjacking' worm hits hundreds of thousands on Facebook

'This girl gets OWNED.' And you can too

Intel unveils ultrathinnest ultrathin

The 14mm netbook

Next-gen iPhone pegged with 320ppi display

Czech it out

Steve Jobs beheads iPad apps for acting like desktops

'Off with their widgets!'

Cray super lands at Swedish tech institute

Lots o' Scandinavian flops

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