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27th > May > 2010 Archive

Can Geoff Barrall help rescue Overland?

CommentIt's down to the product squad now

HTML5 'unhinged from reality,' say Javascripters

Apple, Google and video killed the mark-up star

Samsung Monte smartphone

ReviewHigh-end pretender

SGI rolls out (more) data center containers

Three ICE Cubes shy of full tray

BBC iPlayer to run on iPads. Eventually

'We're not wedded to Flash'

Galactic pile-ups feed supermassive energy output

Violent collisions 'light up' black holes

Europe exposes new data share deal with US

We give you our data, you give us some privacy

Information versus the silos

LabIT’s raison d’être

Cops cuff coke-smuggling lingerie model

'Charlie Angels' boss detained in Buenos Aires

BT quotes pensioner £150,000 to get broadband

Does that come with a free Home Hub? No? Oh

Acer CEO whips out iPad rival

Regular e-book reader too

German bank robbers in Italian Job moment

You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off. No, seriously

X-51 hypersonic scramjet test: Flameout at Mach 5?

Boffins still 'ecstatic' after 3-minute strato-streak

Nokia updates N900 firmware

But breaks Ovi Store compatibility for older versions

Teletext licence holder fined for killing service early

Daily Mail & General Trust ordered to pay £225,000

Facebook simplifies controls but continues exposing users

AnalysisDefault settings flash entire internet

HMRC mails wrong private info to 50,000 taxpayers

New government, old data loss

Queuing for an iPad? Why?

OpinionStill like telly? Then you probably don't need one

Ballmer will not appear at Apple conference

No Dancing with the Stars, either issues death warrant for ID cards

Buh-bye now

Site news: Track this forum

Clipping service at your disposal

The practicalities of unified comms implementation

On-Demand WebcastWise words from the implementers

Japanese police cuff Hentai smut scam suspects

The long tentacle of the law

Universal Tech MyXerver Pro MX3800

ReviewWorld's first wireless Nas, apparently

Contractors dodge ID cards axe

Nice work if you can get it

Israelis build floating electric hover platform

Only snag: Needs to be plugged in on the ground

£15 a month for legal P2P?

UK pirates mull options: Pay or defy?

Ye olde London comes to the iPhone

Wayback machine for meatspace

Honda CR-Z sporty hybrid e-car

ReviewMiserly with fuel, entertaining to drive

NetApp comes up trumps with fat annual profit

I'm too sixy

Google misses German regulator Street Car Wi-Fi data grab deadline


Android phones get free video calling

Still no sign of a Fring business model

Mozilla sidesteps iPhone code ban with Firefox Home

Firefox without the Firefox

Oracle kills AMD Opteron on Sun iron

Sun volume server master plan gutted

Apple picks death not compliance for open source iPhone game

App Store flouts GPL

Windows, Linux propel Q1 server sales

Unix boxes, mainframes stalled

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