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26th > May > 2010 Archive

Google renews vows with Chrome OS

Google I/O'We love Android. But we love you too'

BakBone ditches damp squib ColdSpark

'Amateurs with handcuffs sh*t the bed,' says analyst

Halting McKinnon extradition not in our power, says Clegg

'Legally very complex.' And politically too

Vexia Econav 480 satnav

ReviewGPS for treehuggers?

NoSQL relationship graph straddles six degrees of separation

Kevin Bacon and you

Sam Mendes to helm new Jesus Phone ads

Featuring video chat. Yes, people, VIDEO CHAT

Amazon Kindle flunked by college students

Text books aren't book books

ScaleMP scales up to 128 nodes

The 128 node, 64TB virtual SMP

Statistics prof nails Blackpool hoopla scam

Golden Mile game 'impossible to win'

Consumer segment fuels soaring PC sales

376 million purchases in 2010

BT workers to ballot for strike

The Conservatives must be back in power

Oz government in filter paranoia meltdown

Just because they're out to get you, doesn't mean you're not deluded

X-51 hypersonic scramjet flight delayed by errant freighter

Lucky escape for wandering mariners

McAfee buys Trust Digital for iPhone enterprise safety

Trust us, we're anti-virus experts

More power to Apple iPad, says MSI

Releases USB utility for faster charging

The art of desktop deployment

BlogScripted install or imaging?

BBC upgrades iPlayer to allow 'social propositions'

Now you can be distracted while watching TV alone

LaCie rolls out rugged crypto hard drive

Fingerprint protection

O2 limits unlimited broadband packages

'Aim for 10GB and you'll be OK'

Business intelligence – still an oxymoron?

Reg reader studyTell us what’s really going on

BT brings Web 2.0 into the fold

Onevoice going Ribbit

DoJ pokes Apple digital music biz practices, says report

Jobsian lot accused of corralling record labels

Grand Theft Auto demo drives onto iPhone

Steal cars... for free

Student Loan Co writes off boss and chairman

Computer says bye!

Captain Cyborg sidekick implants virus-infected chip

First Mate Malware and the infected pacemakers of doom

EMC to We didn't overbill you but here's $90m anyway

Our hands are clean

Government yet to set ContactPoint closure date

Regs changes to be made 'in due course'

Sony demos very bendy flexible OLED screen

Wrap it round a pencil and it'll still show video

EU telecoms market still 'too fragmented'

Almost as though we were separate countries

IT Crowd gets fifth series run

'This isn’t actually a computer, it’s a briefcase'

Toshiba Satellite U500-1EX touchscreen notebook

ReviewA light touch?

Apple's iPad resellers are revolting

Secrecy rules raise hackles

Facebook forces users to expose or remove connections

Private affiliations purged by social network

'Being fat is no worse for you than being a woman'

Rising health costs not swingbellies' fault?

Atlantis bows out with Kennedy touchdown

Shuttle ends career with successful ISS mission

NetApp beating out EMC

Analyst lauds cost-effectiveness

TwitPic-nicking Mail nicked

Final bill no picnic

Microsoft morris dancers upset Soho with Hotmail relaunch

Council tells 'em to turn it down

Carrier cans 'jinxed' mobile number after all owners die

'Your number's up, mate'

Have Dell's EMC storage revenues been falling?

CommentWeaker CLARiiON calls

Foxconn website defaced after iPhone assembly plant suicides

'Model suicide jumping facility' now hiring

Music biz pot calls Apple black

CommentSecond thoughts about Steve's golden handcuffs

Three unveils iPad data deals

Better then rest

Netezza pulls back into profit for Q1

Big swing to profits, big upgrade coming

Searchers say bug bars way back to Google

UpdatedIE8 back buttons bolloxed

Gizmodophone may have forced Jobs' hand

UpdatedIs there another iPhone 4G out there?

EU says Google and Microhoo still violate data protection law

'Your anonymization doesn't anonymize'

Facebook unveils simpler privacy controls to spur sharing

Privacy theatre aims to answer critics

Cisco bugs surrender control of building's critical systems

Security, HVAC, power systems ripe for plucking

VMware overhauls desktop virt line

Better graphics, Core optimized

Terracotta ratchets Oracle cache fight

UpdatedOpen-source double down on WebSphere

Google hints at native code in Chrome Web Store

Google I/OLego Star Wars goes Native Client

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