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25th > May > 2010 Archive

Google in shock reveal of AdSense revenue shares

68% cut never changed

ISP slapped with $807,000 fee for 'groundless' spam case

CAN-SPAM cuts both ways

Color ebook reader for 200 clams? Yup

UpdatedBarnes & Noble backing

Database daddy goes non-relational on NoSQL fanbois

VoltDB shocker

Google's encrypted search casts shadow on web analytics

SSL snuffs browser referral



Taxpayers may ship 736 iPads to Brussels

Not that geezer MEPs can use them

Phoenix Mars Lander officially dead

New snap suggests serious ice damage

Laws puts brakes on gov IT spending

Promises cuts, hiring freeze

German watchdog tells firms to do own US privacy checks

Don't just trust Safe Harbor scheme

Janet, E2BN procure network for education and local authorities

Will make linking public services easier

Business intelligence for real

On DemandRight here, right now

Terence Conran slams 'appalling' Olympic mascots

LogoWatch'Symbols of national mediocrity'

Dell to release first MID on 7 June

Brits get it first

Cray launches Gemini super interconnect

Last Baker system component revealed

GreenBytes qualifying 1TB drives

Another new Seagate 2.5-inch drive? Say it ain't so

Microsoft to wave goodbye to mobile 'experience' boss?

Entertainment and Devices in line for redesign

3-million-km-long comet plunges into Sun

'Deepest penetration yet' filmed in STEREOvision

OFT leaves online ad snoopers to regulate themselves

What could go wrong?

Looking for code work? Write fake anti-virus scripts

UpdatedScammer job ads move mainstream

PC World gets almost-exclusive iPad deal

D'you want Mastercare with that?

Unified communications in context?

WebcastLots to do, where to start

Queen's speech pledges faster deficit cut, 'freedom bill'

'Philip, what do they mean by constitutional change?'

6Music: Dead man walking?

AnalysisBBC strategy review public consultation ends

Mass Effect movie deal done

RPG snapped up by 300 studio

Second biggest WiMAX network switches to LTE

There's just no Nuf in WiMAX any more

HTC Smart mobile phone

ReviewFancy a Brew?

Toshiba takes cover off waterproof camcorder

Shoot while you swim

New iPhone to land in US on 7 June

As Wal-Mart slashes 3GS price

Tabnapping attack baits phishing trawl

Hook, link and stinker

Computing smart-scope gunsight for US snipers

Terry Pratchett gizmo makes long shots hit 6 times out of 10

Murdoch's paywall: The end of the suicide era?

Staggering on could count as success

Beeb, British Museum face smut issues over saucy pot

One man, three boys, one cup

Plug-in pledges to rid web of Justin Bieber

Teen crooner blanked out

Greatest Living Briton loses £30m

404: Semantic Web institute not found

IT managers are spoil sports

Just saying

Violin punts flash-mem array with '10X performance advantage'

Cheaper per gigabyte too

Second man jailed over Scientology DDoS attacks

A year and $20,000 down

Women are tech goddesses!

The spying game

Yahoo! buys! obscure! Indonesian! geo! location! site!

Bartz tells reporter to 'f*ck off'

Google does an Orb

Builds cloud streaming into Android

Chips-for-gold fraud gang get 74 years' jail

Bullion-buying crims on the run

Deadly phone number of doom disconnected

Nine eights kill three. Ooooooo

Facebook promises simplified privacy controls from Thursday

So, like, even hysterical idiots can protect their stuff?

iPhone 3G disappears from cellco sites

So last year...

Canonical updates Landscape manager

A sterner nursemaid for Ubuntu

Fedora 13 – Linux for Applephobes

ReviewPolish without the Ubuntu

Google: Android fragmentation isn't fragmentation

Google I/OIt's 'legacy'

Google removes Chrome beta tag on Mac, Linux

Chrome 5 arrives

Windows Phone chief and Xbox brain exit Microsoft

Mobile on the Bach foot

74 Democrats defy Obama man's net neut plans

The magic word: 'jobs'

Cisco taps into smart grid money machine

Wrap IP lovingly around the 'leccy grid

Mountain View delivers Google Analytics opt-out

Plug-in for no tracking

HP unseats Big Blue as server king

10 years after Compaq buy

Twitter tw*ts ad networks

Except its own

Intel abandons discrete graphics for HPC

'Larrabee is dead, long live Larrabee'

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