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20th > May > 2010 Archive

DAB lobby launches radio scrappage scheme

Trade-in your tranny

Google backs open codec against patent trolls

Google I/O'Very confident' in face of Jobsian FUD

Highways Agency seeks £40m central IT system

And a pony

Carmakers boost e-car noise standards for vision-impaired

Auto ambush avoidance

Freeview HD Set-top Receivers

Group TestSeven boxes for for your viewing pleasure

Buyer's Guide: Freeview HD Set-top Boxes

Group TestThink before you buy

Bush DVB680


Humax HD-FOX T2


i-Can Easy HD 2851T


Icecrypt T2200


Philips DTR5520


Sharp TU-T2


Goodmans GDB300HD


Freeview HD Set-top Boxes: Best Buys

Group TestThe pick of the crop

UK's secret surveillance regime 'does not breach human rights'

ECHR rules sneaky RIPA peeking perfectly proper

Brussels declares war on web virgins

Get online for the good of the continent

Climate change 'no excuse' for failure to beat malaria

Perfectly achievable warming or no, say top boffins

Carphone Warehouse shoots mobile portal from the hip

Another day, another mobile application store

2012 Olympic mascots cop a shoeing

LogoWatchWenlock and Mandeville: 'Cretinous infantilism'

Symantec lays out $1.3bn to buy VeriSign's security business

Acquisition spree picks up pace

Kodak's waterproof 1080p camcorder splashes down in UK


Coalition agreement website exposes database password

Cabinet Office coughs to 'technical problem'

Megan Fox exits Transformers 3

Jumped or pushed? You decide

US iPhone ready to be tied down?

Tethering: believe it when you see it

LaCie intros Raid ready home network storage box

4TB of file space, anyone?

Apple opens international iPad store ahead of rollout

Still keeping apps to itself, though

McKinnon hearing abandoned

Home Secretary mulls medical evidence

Samsung and Toshiba squeeze NAND market

Other supplies fight for scraps

Robothopter in biomimetic butterfly boffinry breakthrough

VidScientific flap over flapless flapper

Boffins aim to warm watersports enthusiasts

Armpit thermometers reveal wind chill hardship

Opportunity rover breaks Mars longevity record

Six years, 116 days operating on Red Planet

Osborne pledges simpler biz taxes

No actual numbers here

OFT won't block BBC's über set top box

Green light for Canvas

John Lewis flogs first 3D TV

Customer is one happy bunny

iPad pawprints for voter registration

Electronic signatures fingered in Santa Clara County - foolproof!

The nightmare users: Solving the problem

BlogGetting user data onto your server - how hard can it be?

BT shrinks phone book to fit in letter boxes

We're here to stay

ConLibs issue orangey blueprint for government

High on hopes, low on facts

LibCons to reduce vetting and barring

Defettering continues

SeeSaw adds telly show rentals

Buy by the episode or the series

Ed Vaizey takes charge of Digital Economy Act

Jeremy Hunt rolls out virtual pork barrel

Heartland coughs $41m to settle MasterCard claims

Bye-bye to breach badness

Cisco shells out $99m for CoreOptics

To 100 Gb/sec and beyond!

Make Isle of Man drugs paradise, says Jagger

Oh maaaaan

EMC offers storage efficiency guarantee

'It's different when we do it'

Fader pushers mourn Fritz Sennheiser

He gave us good headphones. Attention must be paid

'World's largest' airship inflated in colossal Alabama cowshed

New NASA ship features hover-slats, water harvesting

Google blames developers for lousy Android battery life

It's your fault for using it

Usenet's home shuts down today

We've lost the news!

Google mocks Jobs with Flash on Android

Google I/O'Um, people use it'

Microsoft 'cylinders firing' with business-cloud fluff

Ballmer: self-corrections taken

iPads may be outselling Macs two to one

Projection: 8 million in 2010

Google TV: Android and Chrome on your boob tube

Google I/OChocolate Factory uncloaks web happy TV set-tops

NOAA goes to Cray for climate super

A Baker sticks a wet finger in the air

Microsoft declares war on 'sophisticated' click-fraud scheme

Legal offensive on click laundering

Jobs drops hint on Google open video codec

Google I/OSteve backs 'not ready for primetime' claim

US boffins synthesize self-replicating bacteria

'It's alive! It's alive!'

Google punts sky high storage for devs

Google I/OAmazon: 'Hey! Don't forget us!'

Server rebound, Perot services boost Dell

PCs, not so much, in fiscal Q1

Google denies carriers fled Nexus One webstore

Google I/OHead Android blames hassle of direct sales

Most browsers silently expose intimate viewing habits

Zip codes, news articles, free for the taking

Google programming Frankenstein is a Go

Google I/OPython-C++ crossbreed lands on Goofrastructure

.NET for iPad stretches to Google's Android

Jobs the merciful god?

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