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19th > May > 2010 Archive

Man accused of DDoSing conservative talking heads

'FrostAie' the (alleged) Pwn Man

Microsoft launches patent suit at Salesforce cloud

Calculate those costs with your CRM

Sony Ericsson Elm

ReviewBuy this phone and save the planet – maybe

Yahoo! buys! city! of! bloggers!

The People's Media Company belongs to Carol Bartz

Personal data export clauses now in force

EEA guidelines updated

Spare Backup branches out with App Store

CommentLooks to mobile internet market

UK regulator warns targets over share scam sucker list

Turning up the heat on boiler room fraudsters

O2 to release Palm pair on iPad day

Pre Plus, Pixi Plus come to Blighty

TalkTalk told to kill bill claims

ASA: 'Misleading'

Intel lays ground for larger netbooks

Said to be allowing 11.6in and 12.1in models

IBM punts commercial Hadoop distro

Big Blue elephant in the data center

UK to get Diet Facebook

Everyone can get the skinny. If they're on 3

Google Street View whacked by German prosecutors, Czech data watchdog

Wi-Fi slurping spycars scrutinised in Europe

Newzbin goes titsup

Freetards' favourite bids adieu

World's mightiest supercomputer to design new nuke plants

Grail-hunting Jaguar unleashed

British Library to scan 40m newspaper pages

Free Beano for family history sites

Coraid jumps on ZFS bandwagon

That's a bit disruptive

Best Buy tech finds 'child abuse' wallpaper on broken PC

Owner cuffed

Major manufacturer tells reviewer: sample our kit in... er... a shop

BootnoteWhy is it so hard to borrow a 3D TV right now?

Wikileaks founder relieved of passport in Oz

Document bit scuffed, gov bit sensitive?

Atlantis 'nauts on battery-swap duty

Second ISS spacewalk kicks off

Operators line up to pitch HTC Wildfire

Budget Android 2.1 smartphone out next month

Dell Latitude XT2 XFR ruggedised laptop

ReviewA tablet to take for the rough and tumble

DARPA witchfinder-ware to SMITE America's IT traitors

If we're lucky, we'll only have to be lucky once. Erm...

HP Software turns to mediums for market expansion

IT giant discovers a world of smaller firms

The commercial cuckoo hiding in the BBC's global mission

Nation shall speak Top Gear and Doctor Who unto nation

Ball lightning is all in the mind, say Austrian physicists

Thunderstorms' magno-field causes brain to malfunction

Robot Sergey Brin stuns crowd

Telepresence - it's not quite the real thing

HP Software targets more customers with fewer partners

Business Class subtracts 300 from 1200

Clegg promises liberties restoration

Giving fingerprints back to the people

User Data: Here, there, everywhere

BlogBut rarely where you need it

McKinnon family awaits final, final extradition decision

May might act

Remote access in real life

BlogLessons from the front line

Mechanic drove three miles with angry bloke on bonnet

'I’m not stopping. This man is going to kill me'

DRAM makers fined €331m for euro cartel

They all agreed they did it...

German cybercrime forum hacked

It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is data protection

LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 portable hard drive

ReviewSuperSpeed USB and military-grade toughness?

SUSE Linux 11 gets first service pack

KVM virt side-by-side with Xen

'Draw Mohammed' call prompts Pakistan Facebook ban

Put your pencils down

Flash and the five-minute rule

CommentNAND then there was disruption

Google open sources $124.6m video codec

Google I/OVP8 set free as WebM

Atlantis 'nauts bolt on new battery goodness

Second ISS spacewalk wraps

Facebook scrambles to close hole exposing private data

Gives attacker almost as much control as user

Google readies Chrome OS web app store

Google I/ODesktopware verboten

Oracle sneaks out carrier grade Sparc blade, Xeon rack

Where's that Nehalem-EX beastie?

Wave gravy splashes onto Google Apps

Google I/OEmail-IM crossbreed for all

Anti-Oracle duo discover hardware love

SAP and HP unite

Mobile sales soar, but numbers are squishy

Motorola #6 or #8 - take your pick

Flash embraces Google's open video codec

Google I/OAdobe extends Dreamweaver to HTML5

Novell seeks rich suitors

Private buyers line up

ISP shuttered for hosting 'witches' brew' of spam, child porn


Google and SpringSource join hands in the heavens

Google I/OApp Engine eyes MySQL

Britons: iPhone eighth most important invention — ever

Squeaks by toilet, crushes push-up bra

Sergey Brin: 'We screwed up' on Street View Wi-Fi grab

Google I/OUS lawmakers call for probe

Oracle punts first VirtualBox x64 hypervisor

With affordable support - for now

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