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18th > May > 2010 Archive

Google's WiFi snoop - who knew and who didn't?

The meaning of 'mistake'

Microsoft sneak peeks Hotmail makeover

Size matters only so much

Sir Paul McBeatle: 'Me, I'd love Beatles to be on iTunes'

EMI: 'Us too'. Jobsians keep schtum

Seagate preps three terabyte whopper

So big XP can't handle it

Packard Bell dot S2

ReviewOutperforms the Acer it's based on?

Delivering a secure information infrastructure

LabRats nest or house of cards? You choose

LimeWire knackered by US courts

Yes it's your fault what your users do

Garlands folds: 1000 call-centre jobs axed in Northeast

Change of accent for Voda, TalkTalk, Virgin helpdesks

US airforce shifts 30,000 troops to 'cyberwar front lines'

Soon more Yanks in digi-trenches than in Afghanistan

Spotify waves £5 plan at freeloaders

Immobilising the masses

Reg reader applauds World's Crappiest phish

'Emergency shortlited varified problem' email alert. FFS

Pirate Bay resurfaces after German legal depth-charge

Chortling freetards flaunt buttocks at scurvy law-dogs

iPad to become inflight fatcat fun-slab

Strokey delights offered at the front of the plane

Luke Skywalker to helm movie of own comic, Black Pearl

'Culmination of years of wish fulfillment on my part'

What’s in the box?

WorkshopSupporting chipsets and virtualisation demands

Koobface gang counter-poohpooh nemesis sec-pro Danchev

Touché, my dear sir. However, your mum ...

Microsoft coughs up $200m, licensing in VirnetX patent case

'We are pleased to work with them.' Riiight

Mobile phone users have fewer brain tumours

AnalysisEpidemiologists appalled, demand more funding

Brits have no love for bits and bytes

Books! Yeah, baby!

Acer denies Chrome OS netbook launch is near

Worried by rumours?

Vodafone chortles over blabber bonanza

Smartphone mobe-data geeks still small potatoes

Google gobbles up confab-over-IP firm GIPS for $68m

Pauses briefly to pick teeth and look round for more

Ofcom creates piracy havens at small ISPs

Fleeing freetards could yet cause tiddler crackdown

FOSS vendors lick chops over ConLib IT plans

Analysis'OpenOffice can save UK from doing a Greece'

Apple, Rim surpass Motorola handset sales

Sony Ericsson next

You paid €20m for UN mobe-fear - and that's just the start

CommentTinfoil gravy train thunders onward unstoppably

Linux gets jiggy with more filesystems in 2.6.34 kernel release

'Just how i like it,' notes languid Torvalds

Freebie Spotify is back, also £5 no-ads option

Only a few left standing in legit-music deathmatch

PS3 owners: This cinema is buff!

Sony breaks open the popcorn with MUBI

Nato should tool up for cyber war, say globo-bigwigs

Albright demands 'passive and active' measures

Apple tweaks MacBook spec

Better CPU, GPU; price unchanged

Exploding-battery epidemic caused by 'lithium moss'

iPod trouser inferno horror a thing of the past?

The iPad, news saviour? Murdoch may have something here

iPad diariesIf you buy newspapers, why wouldn't you buy this?

World+bitch flocking to expose self on Facebook

Half a billion 'dumb f*cks' for Zuckerberg

American Heart Association hails the Wii

But only the active games

Apple MacBook Pro 15in

ReviewClass act

Mozy backs up cloud backup with hard-drive storage

Revolutionary local hardware paradigm

PARIS gets her very own private enclave

No, not that Paris...

Solid state drives set for huge growth

90 per cent a year?

Chelsea fans hack Man Utd phone systems

Messed-with message moons Manc fans

Blighty to get mobe-download barcode rail tickets

Where's my hardcopy for expenses, though?

Fatso Office files get NXPowerLite diet

Neuxpower proffers compression for porky PowerPoint, wobble-belly Word

Pirate Bay now run from Pirate Party 'mountain bunker'

We are the Missing Link, Swede freetard tells Reg

Wobbly drive array problems? This'll stiffen your rack

But don't shout at your kit - it actually slows it down

Mucky private chat could be illegal soon

Risky encounters of the IRC and Twitter kind

Quantum crypto boffins in successful backdoor sniff

Erroneous error-handling undermines bulletproofness

Canadian mobe firm sued over disappearing husband

Rogers Wireless. Have fun with that

Quantum's StorNext snuggles with cloud 

CommentCash cow jumps over the moon

Consumers still want it hard

Actual copies of things beat the non-physical ones

Transit site coughs up private info for 168,000 passengers

'Experience the pwnage'

Dev goes 'Wild' with H.264 Firefox

'The only proper thing to do'

Apple said to order 24 million iPhone 4Gs

Better display, more RAM, bigger battery

Microsoft fluffs boffins with supercomputer promise

It's crunch time

William Shatner to star in Twitter-inspired TV show

World's first twitcom

IBM freshens up System x servers

More Xeons and now Nvidia GPUs

Yahoo!: 'Our search talent is here to stay'

What to do when Bing takes over

HP profits up 28% on freshened servers

x64 leads the way

Security bug bites 64-bit Windows 7

Beware the gullible display driver

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