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14th > May > 2010 Archive

Latvia's 'Robin Hood' hacker unmasked as AI researcher

Nabbed after baring fat-cat salaries

Apple patent filing portends Google ad war

Geo loco app and ad loads

NEC kicks out glueless Nehalem EX beast

Itanium relegated to mainframes

HTML5 unfit for web TV, says Hulu

New player, same Flash

Samsung NX10

ReviewBig sensor hybrid to worry the Micro Four Thirds faithful

IBM opens systems software lab in Manchester

PowerVM United

EU privacy watchdogs say Facebook changes 'unacceptable'

Working party issues rebuke over default settings tweak

Computacenter sales boosted by big deal

UK hardware sales up a fifth

Garage worker prangs £200k Ferrari

196 mph motor passes MOT, fails 'quick road test'

Xiotech's management by iPhone and iPad

We have an app for that

Will hybrid SSD/HDD products succeed?

CommentSolid products or flash in the pan?

NZ spider objects to Canadian's todger

Skinny-dip ends badly for North Island tourist

3D TV sales to soar, says researcher

But not straight away

Double-Take takes on Citrix and VMware

Buyout rumours swirl

iPad talks to external hard drive? Yes it can

Camera connection hack

Unlicensed software use 'may have peaked'

IDC perceives pirate plateau

ConLibs leave open question over net surveillance

Not saying who's looking at what

Boffins demo one-molecule DNA 'walker' nano-bot

Tiny four-tentacle machine follows origami breadcrumbs

The iPad: Unsubsidised, unaffordable, unloved?

One out of three at least

Facebook ID theft Mr Big just a sprat, says social network

You ain't all that, son

Pirate Bay ISP hit with German injunction

Cyberbunker targeted by MPA

Welsh police come down hard on Octopussy porn

Man accused of possessing extreme porn

Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks

Peace Prize for Mr Zuckerberg?

Foreign IT pros in USA get paid more than Americans - study

H-1Bs 'can't be driving down US pay' insist analysts

'Martin Mills you are a LEGEND!'

Andrew's MailbagFeel the email love

Viewsonic VMP74 1080p media player

ReviewYou want codecs? It's got 'em

LG punts 'out of the ordinary' wireless Blu-ray player

DivX HD and MKV playback, anyone?

Service management best practice

Is your future really in a book?

Yahoo! wipes! brow! of! worried! search! advertisers!

What's Microsoft's position on booze, women and Flash motors?

Win XP SP2 support to cease in two months

The beginning of the end

National Archives preserves Labour government websites

Backs up 'historic information'

Chinese consortium chases NFC business mode

If they can't do it, no one can

Quantum struggles to break restraining chains

CommentIt hasn't got its growth taped - yet

Nvidia recovering in fiscal Q1

Yields improving on Fermi GPUs

Russia launches Cyrillic top-level domain

Medvedev applauds президент.рф

Digital Economy Bill minister stabbed

Stephen Timms attacked in constituency

Boffins warn on car computer security risk

UpdatedDashboard pwnage not that difficult - once you're in

Chocolate Factory pulls plug on Googlephone webstore

How much crow can one phone seller eat?

This witch-hunt will hurt Adobe more than Apple

CommentShall we just ban the Xbox, for fun?

Atlantis blasts off on final mission

Venerable shuttle's swan song

'Bulletproof' ISP for crimeware gangs knocked offline

Zeus-friendly PROXIEZ goes MIA

'Completely useless' Windows 3.1 hits Google's Android

Operating systems I have known

Adobe tilts at windmills with image apps for iPad

Indie dev con killed over Jobsian code ban

Google: Street View spycars did slurp your Wi-Fi

'Quite simply, it was a mistake' snivels ad colossus

'Lost' iPhone 4G brouhaha: Jobs gets on the job

Femme fatale unmasked prototype-napper

CA boost profits, but see modest growth ahead

Second in command leaves the bridge

Ukrainian TJX hacking suspect arrested in India

Bring on the extradition proceedings

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