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13th > May > 2010 Archive

HTC slaps back at Apple patent slap

'I'll see your tit and raise you a tat'

Drifting zombiesat could disrupt TV programming

Containing Galaxy 15

WhipTail whips VDI's ass

Cheaper than disk

Ten free apps to install on every new Mac

Product Round-upFreeware to fill in the gaps

SAP lays down $5.8bn for Sybase

Will integrate mobile platform with all products

But is that really cloud computing?

Conclusions from recent reader poll

Obama to promote RIAA's favourite lawyer

'He's in danger of losing the Internet!'

LimeWire induces infringement, Judge rules

Shown to profit from illegal file sharing

Neil Armstrong renews attack on Obama space vision

Prez 'poorly advised', insists Moon vet

Norks 'have answer to humanity's greatest problem'

Insane dictator's amazing claim

BT expands fibre rollout

Cuts bring profits

BT preps games-on-demand online service

Strikes deal with OnLive

Woman loses Bebo privacy case against lad mag

'Questionable tastefulness'

Toshiba mulls hybrid flash and spinning drive


UK iPad ship date slips

First UK units now all allocated?

Sony to stream World Cup footage to internet tellies

On-demand archive material

McKinnon campaign urges coalition to block extradition

New ministers prodded to honour promises in opposition

Bill Gates backs ball-busting ultrasound

Grant to probe male contraceptive method

Toshiba mulls merged hard and Flash drives


IWF: Good on child abuse...

...obscenity, racism, not so much

Mighty hard-sums special function toolset goes online

Keys to the universe offered free by US gov

Google sets sights on the dashboard

General Motors in Android pitch

Samsung shows surround sound 3D home theatre set


Facebook convenes privacy 'crisis' meeting

What are they planning?

Debenhams wows shoppers with free delivery offer

Redefining the online shopping paradigm

Avatar discs in 'hugely popular' shock

Navi-tards, rejoice

Google search piles on pounds of facts to score fat dollar

Hopes to keep users on Chocolate Factory web pages for longer

Robot cars can now do a Rockford into a parking space

VidsBlagger/spec-ops J-turn tactic automated

Competitors vie to provide earthquake-proof radios

Can you hear me now?

ConLibs to outlaw kiddyprinting without permission

Dabs grab confab blab

Cideko Air Keyboard motion controller

ReviewWii 'mote, meet keypad

Whitehall's new IT minister, who's it gonna be?

Francis Maude gets top Cabinet Office job

Mystery fungus smacks Afghan opium poppies

Yields down, prices up

German Wi-Fi networks liable for 3rd party piracy

Leave connection open, risk fine

Net Neutrality panic based on student MBA project

The new Red Scare

E3 outing for second-gen PSP?

Twitter-controlled botnets come to the unwashed masses

'Script kiddies everywhere are salivating'

Novell preps service pack for SUSE Linux 11

Keeping up with the Red Hatters

Symantec says get HEP to the cloud

Throw your security servers onto the fire

Adobe declares 'LOVE' for Apple

Love means never having to say you're 100% proprietary

Ellison slams former Sun CEO for blogginess

No way to run a business

Rumor mill repromises CDMA iPhone

El Reg foresees Chinese touchdown

Ubuntu open to greater touch

Canonical gets physical

Single group did 66% of world's phishing

Avalanche of attacks

Google heats up native code for Chrome OS

Salt, Pepper, and a whole lotta plug-in

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