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12th > May > 2010 Archive

Intel: Social netizens conquering the earth

1.8bn PC-addicted webbies online for 18.8 trillion minutes

Yahoo! to open source floating Google-Amazon crossbreed

Our cloud is your cloud

Scroogle scrapes back to life

Google screws IE6

Cowon iAudio V5 HD media player

ReviewPMP my ride...

High Court rules software liability clause not 'reasonable'

Supplier should have given more appropriate demo

Biz Linux needs Office license to run MS web apps

And Office won't run on Linux

Did LibCon alliance bring down O2 network?

UpdatedThere's not an app for that

Iomega sneaks Avamar onto ix12 array

Unannounced feature

NSA head confirmed as chief of US cyber command

Cry havoc, and unleash the .mil dogs of war

Herschel 'scope peers into 'truly empty' space hole

None more black

Swiss watch auctioned for £3.76m

Very expensive Patek Philippe collectible

Suffering from IT innovation constipation?

Use Preparation H-P

Dell upgrades tough netbook

Top-of-the-line Atom on board

Office and Mail bugs star in May Patch Tuesday update

Devil in the detail

Sharp claims mobile 3D, HD cam 'first'

Grabs stereoscopic images at 720p

Brit consumers shun the iPad - for now

What's it for?

Sony flavours Walkman line with MGS

Metal Gear Solid model incoming

Software piracy rates fall

Broken Cameron's Britain - even the pirates are skint

Biometric passport 2.0 scrapped alongside ID cards, NIR

But will they take Identity out of IPS, or just change the name?

Osborne to 'get Britain working' - except for ID contractors

Georgie-Wan and Yoda fly into Treasury

Mozilla boss John Lilly quits outfit for venture capital role

Goes after foxy start-ups

Come to Swindon - and play Human Pac-Man

Pill popping, ghost gulping figurehead

Scots killer posted Bebo updates from behind bars

Used smuggled mobe to threaten victims

Toshiba shows off widescreen Pro notebooks

Updated 15-17in Satellites

Alan Wake

ReviewStrong on atmospherics

ZeusRAM is STEC's next SSD

PCI product coming

Latest iPhone 4G leak reveals A4 CPU

Another prototype slips out

Trident, nuke energy looking poorly under LibCons

UpdatedBet on sub-cruise nukes, power station delays

Exam board deletes C and PHP from CompSci A-levels

C ya

Salesforce extends 'sympathy' to Microsoft on Office launch

Cloud vendor goes on elephant crusade

Acer Timeline X 4820TG

Review12-hour battery life – oh, really?

Samsung confirms e-book reader's UK debut

SNE-60 inbound

Nokia reorganizes for second time in six months

Former Sun software chief joins

Server-based zombies power souped-up DDoS assault

I got 90 lines of problems

Identity & Passport Service in suicide bid?

And the Border Agency doesn't look well...

US Navy's plane-hurling mass driver in tech hiccup

Software blamed for electro-catapult backfire

The Cameregg plan: Who got what?

Cabinet coagulates, plans start to form

Outsourcing goes inside

Indian prison offers offshoring services

Lexar Echo ZE ultra-compact backup drive

ReviewBackup you can just forget about?

Biometric cash machine lands in Europe

Touchy feely PIN-killer uses fingerprints

MS hopes biz punters will guzzle Office 2010

Elop engages with 'millennial generation'

German net crippled by top level glitch

UpdatedDie Intertuben sind verkrumpen

Another suicide at Apple's Chinese supplier

Foxconn revenues up

Microsoft U-turns on WebKit extension for Mobile IE

Goodwill turns bad

Was Microsoft's Office 2010 worth killing Clippy?

A real cash cow cloud app

Citrix previews bare-metal virt

New client, fresh server, embedded antivirus

What can Google's tablet deliver?

Bring on the clones

Intel: best days are ahead for servers

Xeons everywhere, virt no cause for alarm

IBM: 'We'll double profits by 2015'

Big Green

Steam rushes from Valve onto Macs

Hot cross platform game play

Cisco earnings beat the Street

Crazy growth for new products

'Tamper evident' CPU warns of malicious backdoors

Like shrink wrap for your microprocessor

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