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10th > May > 2010 Archive

IT failure downs Stansted systems

Online check-in goes offline

Oracle soothes Sun StorageTek tape users

Don't worry baby

Aussie MP slapped with $10k phone bill

Son downloads games on his iPhone

Secret forum reveals Oz firewall backroom dealing

Circumvention legal, but you can't tell anyone how

US prosecution of McKinnon 'spiteful', says ex-top cop

No reason why Pentagon hacker can't be tried in UK

Facebook hires big antitrust lawyer

Gamekeeper turned poacher

ParaScale brings direct access to the cloud

Apps run on cloud storage nodes

No 15K 2.5-inch drives from Western Digital

Velociraptors don't fly that fast

Thomas Cook offers World Cup Sim card deal

Pre-paid roamimg

O2, Vodafone list simple iPad data deals

UpdatedCarriers set out their stalls

Mafia Wars dons deprived of pit bulls

Zynga cans canines following PETA complaint

Sony revamps pricey Vaio P netbook


QinetiQ lends PARIS a helping hand

A hypobaric chamber? Yes, we’ve got one of those…

Xsigo scales down server I/O virtualizer

Attack of the pod people

Microsoft ad R&D veep beams self to AOL

Alex Gounares walks, says report

WiGig gets spec and Alliance endorsement

Wi-Fi Alliance, not Rebel Alliance

Apple iPad

ReviewIt's in our hands - should it be in yours?

Wireless Gigabit set to become next-gen Wi-Fi?

Alliances team up on tech testing

iPad, iPhone driving 'renaissance' in nuclear reactors

Want to build a nuke? There's an app for that

Asus pitches 9in netbook

Hang on, doesn't it prefer 10in ones?

Physicist unmasks 99-year-old mistake in English dictionaries

Schoolboy error 'never queried before', insists OED

Ofcom hands out free radio spectrum

Wireless camera bonanza

EMC tempts storage buyers into its federation

Gelsinger's ginormous gamble

Dodgy Facebook pages used to power 'spam a friend' joke scam

No laughing matter

Oz filmmaker to flog virgins for TV doco

Cherry auction plan prompts rumpus

Doctors aim to have Chief Medical Officer struck off

Donaldson's database debacle

Obama planning a Dept of Truthiness?

Save us from conspiracy theories, frets Prez

Airport plods seize man with electric vibro-pleasure shoes

'Will be let go if innocent [?]', insist Karachi heat

Twitter bomb joker found guilty


NFC will help you find your car - if you're next to it

Ooh! Is there nothing it can't do? (Yes.)

Belkin intros Kindle-illuminating e-book light

Makes bedside lamps obsolete

Alleged Jobsian email promises iPad printing

Biblical terseness: 'It will come'

Evaporating Adaptec sells RAID business

PMC-Sierra gets it

BI benchmark outs HP Superdome 2 details

Not shipping til October 20

HP's webOS tablet 'due in Q3'

This is the story of the Hurricane

White House devs overlooked gaping Drupal vuln

Is there an auditor in the house?

Followers vanish as Twitter tw*ts tweet bug

Loneliness 2.0

Ubuntu Unity interface flashed for speed freaks

Windows infiltration inside

Cloud to drive a quarter of server sales

Private parts, public hardware

Brocade notches up EMC Ethernet win

FCoE here we come

Code-execution bug found in Apple Safari

Beware of pop-up Windows

Mozilla spills plan for, yes, Firefox 4

Jetpack, Jaeger shot, 'Quake' console

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