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7th > May > 2010 Archive

FCC chair floats 'Third Way' to regulate net

'Narrow and tailored'

Google Latitude not dead despite Buzz

Web 2.0 ExpoMore ways to tell people where you are

UK polling stations turn away 'hundreds' of voters

Doors close on queues

Cheeky voters oust Lembit Opik

Small explosion in mid-Wales, asteroid not to blame

Voting chaos in not-fit-for-purpose electoral system

CommentBallot bollox and proportional misrepresentation

Mili HI-P60 Power Pico Projector

ReviewTurn your iPhone into a cinema

Iomega iConnect Wireless Data Station

ReviewBuild your own Wi-Fi network storage

2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa


Servers: Refurbish, repurpose or recycle?

WorkshopLife in the old dog yet?

Copyright law must be relaxed, says new group

'Exceptions are key to legitimate reuses'

Indo-Mancunian Windows support scammer phones Reg hack

Cold caller from tropical climes

Jacqui Smith and Charles Clarke shown the door

Being Home Secretary proves unpopular

Can't find a smartbook to buy? Blame Adobe

Vendors waiting for Flash, suggests ARM exec

Brighton goes Green

Radical new voice in parliament

Vodafone to introduce out-of-bundle data charges

Download beyond your limit and you'll have to cough up

Perv scanner todger quips provoke Miami airport assault

Exposed security screener clubs co-worker

EU to evict broadcasters from upper end of spectrum

Ofcom calls it right

Pirate Party UK sinks on maiden voyage

Bad night for anti-copyright parrot boys

The internet, as imagined in 1965

Bloggers, mind control and the death of newspapers

Wii will, Wii will Rock You

UK music games ring up £100m in '09

Boffins snare swollen 'excited giant' in forcefield prison

Ponderomotive prison cells could make quantum computers

T-Mobile Pulse Mini

ReviewGoogle goodness for under a ton

Fewer titsup firms, more titsup people

Insolvency service reports

iPad users are young, rich geeks

And wear polo necks?

PARIS hits the road with live GPS tracker test

UpdatedJoin us at 2pm

Samsung's Bada gets a developer kit

When I'm Bada I'm better?

A new wave in data center cooling?

WebcastChilling with Phil Tuma

China Mobile sees time-sliced evolution

Speedy 4G at Shanghai Expo

EU Parliament calls for internet rights charter

And individual control of data

Green Berets to get Judge Dredd computer smart-rifle

No need to shout out ammo type, though

Motorola upgrades Milestone to Android 2.1

Gentlemen, start your downloads

Gary McKinnon's mum not prime minister

Another shock result

Cameron aims to bring LibDems into government

Electoral reform dilemma for Kingmaker Clegg

Apple prices up iPad for UK

Rip-off Britain?

Virtual Instruments nabs Symantec ex-CEO

Mark Urdahl sticks around to advise

US economy adds 290,000 jobs in April

Telcos down, computers up

Election losers? Our clapped-out parties

OpinionWorst past the post

Nokia takes Apple to court, again

This time it's Wisconsin

Orange offers 'pay per meg' iPad 3G data plan

Cellco readies micro Sim supply

Google Apps to embrace all Chocolate Factory services

Blogger, Reader, AdWords, Picasa...

New attack bypasses virtually all AV protection

Bait, switch, exploit!

F*ck you, thunders disgruntled fanboi Apple user

FoTW13-year-old hack rattles Friend of Cupertino

RHEL 6 - your sensible but lovable friend

ReviewUbuntu it isn't

Apple in shock talks with Reg reader

'Dear Steve: iTunes for Windows is crap...'

Feds seize $143m worth of bogus networking gear

From China, with bugs

Nokia tops iPhone and BlackBerry (again)

Apple as Nick Clegg

DNSSEC: the internet's International Criminal Court?

INETTrust and confidence in the domain name system

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